Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midnight Miscellany

It's 1:40 am (even though blogger says it's 12:35). I can't sleep. Here's what's going on:

I have the worst cold ever. Can't stop coughing. Can't. I've been lying in bed forever, trying to cough silently so I don't wake the husband. It's not working. Even coughing into a pillow is bad news.

During the moments when I'm not coughing, my mind is racing. These are the topics running around and around in my stuffed-up head:
-the empty lot next to our home that the husband wants to purchase
-the well the husband wants to drill that will be impossible to drill if we purchase the lot, because, well, finances
-the renters who are moving out of our rental house
-the utilities that I need to switch back to our name once they are all moved
-the extra mortgage payment we will be making until our new renters move in
-how blessed we are to have new renters already, and I can't believe they are renting our house without having even looked inside yet.
-even with this awful cold, I swear my house smells like chicken poo (explanation? we have baby chicks- that are not so baby anymore. We got them New Year's Day- they have been residing in our garage. They are stinky little birds. Fowl is the correct term for birds. They smell fowl. And I feel like their poo smell is infiltrating my house. I want to completely seal off my garage door for a while. I can't wait for the day they are 16 weeks and able to live with the big chickens. Outside. It is so proper for chickens to live outside.)
-I need to be up in 4 hours so I can make a lovely Valentine's breakfast for my favorite little people in the whole world.
-those people who trudged through Venezuela in the Discovery channel's "Out of the Wild" program (yay for netflix)-- is that similar to what the pioneers experienced or not?
-how come the bank that holds our mortgage hasn't sent the mortgage interest statement yet? I must remember to call on that tomorrow, er, today.
-must get all the tax info to the accountant.
-etc, etc

That's just a sampling of the contents of my brain. Oh, plus, I sure hope we do get some of that rain that is a 50% possibility. Love the smell of rain. Rain smell definitely trumps chicken poo smell.


Shannon said...

I really don't like nights like yours. Hope you were able to get some sleep. Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you get a really long nap. Wouldn't that be a great present for yourself?!

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