Monday, September 15, 2008

The Adventures of Wormboy (by the Husband)

I hacked into my wife’s masterpiece you call a blog today to leave a post. Yes this is unusual - I’m typically just an observer of her art.

Well, saying I hacked may be just a bit of an exaggeration. She had some problem with the layout a few weeks ago and asked for my help. I simply kept the password after I was done helping. Husbands are like that. We never forget anything that might benefit us in the future.

Anyway, since I’m officially a hacker, I’d like to take time to do the normal hacker graffiti, and do a shout out to oldest daughter, middle daughter, my son Wormboy, my Mom and Dad, my co-workers (I know some of you are reading this) and my other peeps. You guys rule.

Before I get to Wormboy, let me first tell you more about Twitter since the wife brought it up as my latest interest. And how could I be a proper husband unless I kept on going on about my latest interest until it becomes annoying to all of those around me. If I didn’t, I might lose my man card. And you wouldn’t want that.

I’ll tell you what Twitter is: fun and a challenge. Twitter allows users to do “microblogging.” What the wife does here is normal blogging. It is big. Microblogging is not big. It is small. You only have 140 characters in which to write a post (called a tweet), which you can do from your mobile phone (through text messaging), from the web, or from a twitter client (a program that lets you post right from your computer through something similar to instant messaging). It is a challenge to get your message across and keep it within 140 characters.

For me Twitter is perfect. I don’t typically have time to sit down and draft up a long drawn-out blog post that shows what a witty and great guy I am, but I always have my phone with me. It is easy for me to quickly Tweet something wherever I am. And I can send photos as well.

All of you who know me may think I’m a bit of a geek (or a lot of a geek), and that this is the latest phase in my “geekiness.” You are right. It is.

So, now on to Wormboy.

After watching “How to Eat Fried Worms,” a few months ago, my son was captivated with the term “Wormboy.” For some reason he didn’t just pick up on the term, but has decided that it is “cool” enough to apply to him. So he now calls himself “Wormboy.” This has of course extended to the rest of the family. We may either call him by his given name or Wormboy. There is absolutely NO compromise in this.

A recent conversation, which I tweeted about, went as follows (he had just helped clean something up and I wanted to shower him with gratitude):

Me: Thanks dude!
Son: I'm not dude.
Me: Thanks man.
Son: I’m not man.
Me: Mmm, okay. Thanks son?
Son: I’m not son.
Me: Thanks little helper?
Son: I'm not little helper
Me: Thanks buddy-boy.
Son: I'm not buddy boy, I'm worm-boy!

So with that, I give you photos of our little superhero in action. Perhaps he will soon take on Frankenstein Underwear.

As I can post more of the adventures of Wormboy, I will. After all, I have the password to the blog.

In the mean time, you can read my Twitter feed at


trublubyu said...

thanks for providing the background on twitter. you rock.

and thanks for providing the background on wormboy.

this is why i love you so dang much.

and, to all you who are wondering: the husband is a major fibber! he couldn't remember my password, so he im'ed me to get it. sheesh.

Mechelle said...

Thanks for sharing, wormboy is the cuteist (sp?)!

cwalk64 said...

You are both so funny and worm boy is THE greatest. Think I might have to try this tweet stuff.

The Master Chief said...

take note that those pictures were taken at our, the burrs, house.

trublubyu said...

master chief, it is noted.