Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life B.S. and A.S.

Everyone should have satin pillowcases. Probably everyone does. I just bought some. Finally. After threatening to do so for a LONG time. I got them on clearance at Target- $2.48 for two. I know! Couldn't pass it up. Now when I decide to leave my hair curly for a day, I can wear it curly the next day again without washing it (TMI? sorry, but there are times I go, GASP, a day without washing my hair- but only if it was straight the day before. Disgusting, I know. Necessary, yes) (But I do shower EVERY day. K?)

Life B.S. (before satin) was a wash-the-hair-every-day affair if I chose to stay curly. Now, I can go TWO WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW with curly hair. So liberating. The satin makes it possible for my curls to still look great- not crunched and smooshed and all bedhead looking. I am loving life A.S.

A whole new world is open to me.

And now I think I gotta get some satin sheets.


Mechelle said...

Satin sheets are great as long as the heels of your feet are smooth. From personal experience, they wear out fast. but the pillow cases are great! Enjoy!

cwalk64 said...

I never knew. I wake every morning with this big poof on top of my head and try to mush it down while I go walking, so I don't scare people until I shower. If satin pillow cases will cure poof, I'm in. Maybe a trip to the store tonight. Hopefully my Target will have some too.

Jae said...

Now I have yet to reach your "satin sheets" level but I recently upgraded my thread count to 500. I went years with dumb cheap sheets...feels good to have decent ones! If I see pillowcases for $2.48 I'd try 'em out and re-post. :)

Wizzard MoM : Striving for Perfection said...

I personally like the Egyptian Cotton sheets --- they're nice too!! Of course, I can't compare them to Satin yet, but maybe sometime I'll have to.