Monday, October 13, 2008

wedgie tag

so, i have four tags waiting in my "to do" box. they have been like little pimples, festering and giving me discomfort everytime i think about them. one of the tags was from a LONG long time ago (sorry i'm so slow, sarah), one (from sarah) is from last week and two are a little less recent- like within the last two weeks (i think. again, sorry an eagles view and mechelle). anyway, i think it's high time i release all that pressure, pop those pimples, and get those tags taken care of so that i can go on with my life and not think about them all day long. and when i say all day long, i mean ALL (most) ALL DAY LONG!

so, presenting "Wedgie Tag" - which will kind of address all three tags rolled into one. but keep in mind i don't really know what i am doing here.

3 things that make me uncomfortable

1- confrontation
2- tight pants
3- of course, wedgies!

8 things i look forward to

1- a sweet nap
2- the husband's return home from work
3- date night
4- self-cleaning toilets
5- monster hugs and slimy kisses from the children
6- visits with friends and family
7- holidays
8- world peace

10 little-known facts about me

1- i won second place in the district spelling bee in fourth grade.
2- in high school i dated a guy who was an extra in "bill and ted's excellent adventure". you could totally see his arm in one of the scenes.
3- i love, love, LOVE hanging out with my family. (this, however, not a little-known fact. it is, rather, a BIG-known fact)
4- i have a talent for finding a tremendous bargain.
5- i had a very compassionate professor at BYU who waived one credit so that i could graduate a semester early.

6- i really prefer to type with no capitalizations at the beginning of sentences or for the proper noun "I". this is how i write all emails and comments, etc. it is so liberating to finally break it out on my very own blog. it's like i'm coming out of the closet.
7- the very first album that i owned was starship- knee deep in the hoopla- on cassette tape. this is the album with "we built this city" on it. i know you remember it. i got it for christmas 1985 along with a very cool, very large sony walkman.
8- i have a v-shaped scar on my tongue from biting it when i was a kid.
9- i have actually met barta heiner. i know! barta. heiner.
10- my family and i don't do much to celebrate hispanic heritage month.

the 5th picture in my #5 folder

pretty anticlimatic. this photo courtesy of oldest daughter. it was taken when little son was around 4 months old. isn't it a beautiful action shot? love that photographer daughter of mine. she truly captures the essence of the moment. (and props to her for the graco plug!)

ahhhhhh, what a relief. that huge pimple of a tag burden has been popped and all this wonderful pus of information has been oozed out into the blogosphere. (sorry to be so graphic)

i just tag whoever reads this post. go forth, tag someone else. (if you want) but, puh-leaze let me know if you participate. i would love to come over to your place and read more about YOU!!

tag over. 1, 2, 3- not it!


Me said...

Thanks for taking the tag! I owe ya one!

Me said...

P.S. I promise not to do it to you again. I anxiously awaited the day someone tagged me..thinking it was cool. I've since decided they are like blog version of chain letters....

trublubyu said...

me- no worries. mainly what took so long was that i was stressed trying to think of what to write about. for some reason, i couldn't think of anything clever or interesting, so i just had to ignore the tag for a while till i could come up with something worthwhile- and still i think i failed miserably. oh, well.

*MARY* said...

You dated a Bill and Ted extra?! You're the closest thing I know to a celebrity.

Mechelle said...

I love it! We all like to have a little more insight into our friends lives. So thanks. I love the naming and combination of all the tags as well, it's great.

Mechelle said...

I love it! We all like to have a little more insight into our friends lives. So thanks. I love the naming and combination of all the tags as well, it's great.

uniquelynat said...

i just have to say...
your post funny as usual
but your pimple analogy = GROSS!!! love your wedgie tag tag...

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You are so funny! I love it. I'm glad you "popped the pimple" because you are so enjoyable to get to know through these tags. I thought I added you to my Blogs I Follow list, apparently not because it looks like I missed some good posts. I'm doing that right now!

Sarah said...

Thanks - I got you twice, but I really think you are cool, and I wanted to hear what you had to say. You did well. Also, you are the coolest person I know because of Starship. I had the cassette, wore it out. SAW THEM IN CONCERT, in 6th grade, at the AZ State Fair. They sang "Sara" and I cried - it was so beautiful, and they were singing to ME!!! Oh, BTW, Who is Barta Heiner?

Wizzard MoM said...

THis was great, pimple analogy and all!! I needed a good laugh this morning.