Thursday, December 11, 2008

Run for the border...

This will shock a few of you. Especially if you knew me in the 90's.

They say that your tastes change the older you get. I fear my tastes are changing. The bad news is they are becoming less sophisticated.

The husband was out of town yesterday. (for those of you who may take that as an invitation to come and wreak havoc on my house- he is now home. It was a day trip. So don't try to come and steal from me or sneak into our backyard to frolic on our swingset or do your secret service project or whatever.)

When the husband is out of town, my domestic devotions are much more relaxed. And so, in honor of children who prefer cold cereal over cordon bleu, we hopped in the car and headed to Taco Bell. Yes, I just said we went to Taco Bell. Shocking.

I'm telling you- I used to really not love Taco Bell. In the 90's. In fact, I believe I used to call it Taco Barf. Really. In the 08's I have learned to tolerate it. And there are a couple things on the menu that I can actually handle. So, since I didn't need to prepare a meal for my hard-working hottie, we opted for the closest fast food joint.

Let me fill you in on the Taco Bell history. In high school Taco Bell sold their tacos for $0.39. (again I would love to know how to access a cents sign) So, as high school kids without unlimited cash, we often went to Taco Bell for lunch. Except I would usually head across the street to McDonald's for a 2 for $2.00 Big Mac and a chocolate shake. I'm pretty sure that I didn't eat both Big Macs. I think I probably split it with my friends.

On one of my birthdays, my cute friends took me to Taco Bell and had already arranged for a Big Mac and chocolate shake. All set up. Waiting for me. They respected my distaste for the Bell. That is the sign of true friendship. Except it was a little anti-climatic because the car I had just gotten for my birthday had a dead battery when I went out to start it to go to lunch, so I was a bit late arriving at Taco Bell. They were probably a bit panicked.

Anyway, tonight we went to Taco Bell. Oldest daughter always gets Mexican pizza. For middle daughter, the customary two beef soft tacos were the order of the day. And a chicken quesadilla for little son. I had a zesty chicken bowl. It was pretty good. I just wish they put more cilantro in that pico de gallo. And I'm thinking I should have tried the mango strawberry smoothie.

No doubt the husband's clients treated him to a gourmet meal.

It's back to cooking tonight. What's for dinner at your house?

P.S. Tell me how funny this is: the husband actually stopped at Taco Bell to grab a bite to eat on his way home from the airport. We are one. That is all I can say.


kel said...

I love taco bell.. but my stomach doesn't!

1momof5 said...

The taco bell near my house makes sends is to the bathroom too often, if you know what I mean. But the one near my mom....Love it! BTW--stopping by from Blogstalkers. But I also see you on a few other sites. I love your bog name!

mom and dad said...


CaJoh said...

I know what you mean by your tastes changing. As a child I used to love Mississippi Mud Cake. In college I asked my mom to make it as a birthday cake… I couldn't finish it— it was too rich for my tastes even then.

JMadd said...

I call Taco Bell "Toxic Smell." I'm not a huge fan, but I had one of their chalupas a while ago and it wasn't bad.

How's this for weird? I'll say to my husband, "let's get Panda Express for dinner," and he will tell me that he was craving it, so he already had it for lunch.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Hey, we had Taco Bell for dinner last night, too! But I don't think that it's because we are one - you don't even know me! (I am a BlogStalker bum). We ate it 'cause my 15-year-old vegetarian daughter loves the 7-layer b. I love everything on the menu!

Tink said...

What a fun story. I enjoyed your history of the Bell! Because my husband works most nights, I do a LOT of slacking and eating out. One of my weaknesses. I'm having a giveaway at my site if you're interested in entering! It's my 100th post giveaway! Wahoo!

Chillygator said...

My favorite part of this entry has to be the mention of the secret service projects. They just sneak up on you all the time, don't they? (o:

And my tastes are changing, too, only I'm no longer a fan of any fast food. This makes grabbing something between work and school a lot harder.

Kethry said...

So I suppose I could comment something about Taco Bell, but really, the point of my comment is to point out how you can put the ¢ sign in your post. Press the Alt button and then while holding it down, type 0162. (It should work.)

(By the way, I'm friends with your sister Ginny, which is how I started reading here.)

Cynthia said...

Dinner? It's only 3:56 pm. I don't have to do the "Oh Crap! What am I going to make for dinner!" panic for another 43 minutes.

Ironically, dinner will probably be tacos! Just not the Taco Bell ones (though it might be cheaper and easier- I may have to rethink that).

Shannon said...

Taco Bell is one of my favorites. I think I could live (until my arteries clogged and I had a heart attack) on a mexican pizza and soft tacos. Yum. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Somehow, that gene did not get passed along to my children, so we never go. Greg is a sweetheart and will sometimes take me there for our anniversary. I know, seems anticlimactic, but it's a treat for me!

el_guanaquito said...

To make the cents symbol (¢) you simply hold down the Alt key and type 0162 on your number pad (not the numbers in a row above the letters, but the pad on the right side of the keyboard). Then let go of the Alt key.

To see how to do all sorts of other fancy symbols (ñ, ©, Ω, etc), click on Start and then Accessories, then System Tools and then Character Map. As you click on the symbols in the grid, look at the lower right corner -- sometimes it'll say, for example, "Keystroke: Alt+0162" Mostly, however, such a simple keystroke does not appear. If there is no shortcut keystroke for the desired symbol, do the following:

1) click on the symbol
2) click on the "Select" button
3) click on the "Copy" button
4) click on wherever you are typing and type Ctrl+v (ie. hold the Ctrl key while you type v -- this is the shortcut for paste)


Lynn said...

We call Taco Bell, "Taco Toilet"for obvious reasons.

I sometimes get a hankering for a big, calorie filled Taco Salad and it is usually late at night when I should know better, so I will claim I'm not in my right mind when I want one !

I wish they would bring back the Bell Burger but my husband said it would defeat their current advertising campaign...think about it...

trublubyu said...

i believe i have the smartest readers in the whole blogoshpere. thanks for the tips on symbols. i can't wait to play around with it.

can i get an amen?

Jessica said...

i believe i will be eating at tbell for the next 8 months! (sean is going to be working in Lousiana coming home only twice a month). but i will not be getting the mango strawberry smoothie. not good.

The Frosted Cupcake said...

You should have gotten the mango strawberry smoothie, it is so yummy! :)