Tuesday, March 17, 2009

getting acquainted

there are a few things you should know about me. but i won't get into that now, because i am always talking about myself. what i really want to say is that there are a few things i should know about you. because, since you are visiting this little space, i want to be a gracious and interested hostess.

and i am.


i want to know what you like. what you dislike. are you a generally happy person? do you brush your teeth first thing in the morning, or do you wait until right before you step out the door?

are you in love? do you have children? what's something most people don't know about you?

what's your opinion on the state of your carpet? do you have a favorite vegetable? favorite cement color?

there are so many things i don't know about you. and i'm dying to get to know you better.

come, sit a spell, swap howdies, and tell me a bit about you!

imagine i have a nice little tea set out for us to get better acquainted. we would have scones and biscotti. and muffins. we would share muffins. and a nice strawberry lemonade. because i don't drink tea and i don't have raspberry cordial. raspberry cordial can be a bit dangerous at tea- if you know what i mean. (think anne of green gables and diana.) do you like strawberry lemonade? i would have it all set up in the comment room so that we can be a little more comfortable. and you would feel at home telling me about yourself.

do excuse me. here i go again rambling on and on and not letting you get a word in edgewise!

have you read anne of green gables? seen the movie? please, tell me more.

it's so nice to meet you! i believe we may be kindred spirits.

ps- the happiest of st. patrick's days to you!


Shannon said...

What an interesting post. It could generate some pretty lengthy comments, so I'll keep this short. Also, I'd love a strawberry lemonade and the YW are going to learn to make biscotti in a couple of weeks. How about if I bring that?!
Likes- strawberries, rain, a good book,cross stitch, going to the temple, time with Greg, 70 degrees outside, spaghetti, happy family, mountains, smell of orange blossoms, budgeting and actually having it work out!
Dislikes- brussel sprouts, liver, smell of smoke, court tv, acting/performing, chemistry
Happy person- yes
definitely brush teeth as soon as I'm out of bed (would do so before if I could!)
Also definitely in love with my very best friend and we have 5 children.
What don't most people know about me? If I didn't dislike chemistry so much I'd love to be involved in designing a car that runs on clean fuel, or maybe develop a clean fuel. Too bad I need chemistry, but I'll check into it.
My carpet- needs a good bath. It is white a needs it often, but doesn't get it.
Favorite veggie- definitely tomatoes (I don't care if it's really a fruit!)
Cement color- no preference, though I do think that tinted cement looks really cool as flooring.
No, I've never read Anne of Green Gables. I've seen parts of the movies when I would babysit, but that's it. Sounds like I'm missing out.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too.

Shannon said...

Ok, that wasn't very short. Sorry! Happy St. Patrick's Day, anyway!

Mrs. Fish said...

i think you and i must be kindred spirits (isn't anne great?). we both did green text today, that's pretty amazing don't you think? but mostly i just wish we were kindred spirits 'cause i think you're awesome and want to be awesome too.

Marni said...

Thank you for inviting me to the tea party! It's so good to see you all. As for me, I am a very vocal person. So, there's not too much that people don't know about me. Unless you haven't met me. Then, I will be happy to let you know! I brush my teeth first thing in the morning, because if I don't, it doesn't get done. We have NO carpet. Our house is completely all tile and I half love it and half hate it. I love it, because I don't have to worry about cleaning my carpets, I just bleach the floor. I hate it because our tile is white and you can see anything that spills. But, a little bleach does the trick just fine! Am I a very happy person and my life motto is "In all living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not jsut endured". Pres. Hinckley. I love to laugh! Well, there's so much more I have to say, but I feel like I have dominated the entire conversation. Like I said, I am very vocal!

And I happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! :)

Nathan said...

I'm going to go out on a limb. Actually, it's more like going out to the edge on a twig.

This may get me booted out of the man club for life, but I like the Anne of Green Gables movies.


I know. My wife may not want this information public, but too late.

Before you all start laughing uncontrollably, let me explain. When I was little, I had such a huge imagination, that I pretty much lived outside of reality for the first 7 years of my life. Combine that with my chatterbox mouth, and you have Anne in boy form. Watching those movies gives me a little peek back into what it felt like in my own childhood (with a few major differences).

There. I said it, and it will probably come back to haunt me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mechelle said...

you are too awesome, thinking of others! I love Anne, I have read all the books including the ones after she and Gilbert get married and have children. They are wonderful.

Me said...

You are too funny!

I love Strawberry Lemonade. Its a staple at my house, especially since I discovered a well known restaurants recipe. YUMMY!

I have to admit, I have never read Anne of Green Gables, or seen the movie for that matter. I missed that somewhere in my childhood and have just never gone back.

I love the rain. I like the sound of it hitting the windows and the cars driving through it as they pass. Its magical. Mystical. And at times romantic.

I think Pepsi and Chocolate should be their own food groups.

I never run unless I am being chased, and I try to keep myself out of those kinds of situations.

I typically brush my teeth just before leaving the house, unless I am going to be in the house all day, then I do it when I get up.

I wish blogger comment box has spell-check. I'm always afraid I will spell something horribly wrong.

That's all..for now!

But what about you! Tell us about Y-O-U

That Girl in Brazil said...

I think this is the bestest idea for a blog post EVER.


So let's see ....

I like my family, my friends, books, and my friends in my books. I dislike gossip, judging, and when my husband has to work late. I'm a pretty happy person. I brush my teeth right after breakfast - and right before I go to bed. And whenever they feel slightly fuzzy.

I'm in love. I have three kids. Most people don't know that I can't stand driving.

I don't have carpet. (It's all tile in Brazil.) I love broccoli. And cement should always be gray.

And I love - LOVE! - strawberry lemonade.

Suzi said...

LOVE it...LOVE it...LOVE it ~ your blog that is!!! Its a total hoot, I'm telling you. I laugh so hard everytime I read it! Your the best! As for me...whats to say, I'm me, kind of scary for some. I love FOOD like most fruts...Did you know Strawberries and Chocolate aka candy bars will be up in heaven!! It will trust me...along with Italian Food. Won't it be great! Oh and so will books and TV. Got to have movies up there...funny ones and musicals. Yes I love musicals. Now for the things I don't like...Raw tomatos, Brussel spouts, SNAKES and SHARKS! I'm sure theres more, but when Snakes and sharks come into thought, all other thoughts vanish! Have a happy ST. PATTYS DAY and stay warm and safe on the Trek. Keep an eye on Cayla for me! AND HAVE FUN!!

gramee said...

i am most generally happy. i love the warm weather i don't like cold so much. (why leaving utah and moving to arizona wasn't to hard of a adjustment).
i have been married to my high school sweetheart and best friend for 32 1/2 years.
i always brush first thing. i don't always leave the house in the morning. my 3 children are wonderful adults and 2 are married to equally wonderful people.
and my 4 grand-babies are the most wonderful things in the world although 1 is now living with heavenly father. i love to read. i love the scriptures and i love my church.
something most people don't know about me. although i love the church and i read the scriptures and pray every day i haven't attended church church very often since moving to arizona because it is so hard for me to go alone. as my husband and daughter have been inactive for years. another thing, i have taken an antidepressant most my adult life and will have to continue to take it the rest of my life, if i want to stay healthy, mentally.
this has become very long..but scones and lemonade sound wonderful! this is fun getting to know everyone!

Michelle said...

Guess what -- I am reading Anne of Green Gables. Like right now. Truly. In fact, when I read "raspberry cordial", I immediately thought of poor Anne even before you made the connection for us readers.

You already know a fair amount about me, but I'll try to tell you a couple of things you don't know...

Likes: naps, good books, sleeping babies, good movies and kissing my husband.

Dislikes: dirty kitchens, tired mornings, kid's bathroom floor and olives

uniquelynat said...

sometimes i don't think that your posts apply to me and i shouldn't comment. like on this one for example- since you already know a lot about me. so you should tell me what i should do about times like this.

but it has been fun getting to know everyone else.

Carolyn said...

I love anne! I have read all the books and think that we all must be bosom buddies. I have to say that the movies are some of the only one's that are as good as the books.

About me: I have blog envy and wish some of your cleverness would rub off. I know I don't always comment, but I always read. Thanks for the laughs!

Heidi said...

I'm a wait til I'm almost out the door to brush my teeth. I'm generally happy when everyone is cooperative and listening. I'm big on giving priveleges and trying to make it a game to just get it done! I'm madly in love! Just hit the 9 year mark of our first date. Love the spring time.I hate the state of my carpet. Can't wait to rip it out. Every day a new stain and every day an hour of vacuuming to get it at least presentable. I like cold nights snuggled by the fireplace and quiet time at night after hectic days. I like routine. I like diet coke but I also like strawberry lemonade. I make friends easily but the kindred spirits are harder to find and have someone that I will always compare them to:)

Sandi and Curtis said...

Thank you for the invitation. What a clever idea! I admire people who can think on their feet...me...takes me a few days!

Here are my responses to your questions:
I like taking naps, reading good books that make me cry, laugh...but NOT get scared! I hate nightmares...I have lots of them!

I brush my teeth right after I get dressed which is after I say my prayers which is after I make my bed.

I AM in love with my husband. We have been married 34 years this June 20th. He gets better ever day! I have 4 children, all married, and 3 have kids!

Most people don't know about me? Humm. Well...I played the drums out of high school with an Air Force Singing Group. I performed in the old Salt Palace in SLC, and for generals of the Air Force.

My opinion of my carpet: We should have bought a darker color. We forgot about having grandkids when we bought our house. But I had them all cleaned on my birthday...so good for another year!

My favorite vegetable are garden green beans! Fresh cooked.

My favorite color is a tie between two: black and red. I look good in them...I am told.

I never knew there was a favorite cement color???

If it is a rainy day or cloudy day...I am in heaven if can stay on the couch all day with a book and enjoy it!

I took love Anne! I also like Jane Austen movies! I like romantic comedies - especially like While You were Sleeping, Only You, and stuff like that! Curtis likes them too! Did you know that?

I had a great St Patrick's day. Went to the doctor and I am mending well. I still have to wait another 3 weeks before I can lift anything. That is so hard to do!

Well, Stephanie, I hope you had a great trek! See you when you get back.