Thursday, March 26, 2009


the wind has been whipping all day.

i love it.

whip, wind, whip.

and also i got a phone call from a salesperson.

he began by asking if he could talk to stephanie.

i told him he was talking to stephanie.

he said, "hi, steph."

and then proceeded with his sales pitch.

i was immediately turned off.

i don't love when people call me steph if they have only known me for 1.5 seconds.

but, i don't mind if you you call me steph once we are friends, ya know?

whip him, wind.

or not.

i didn't buy whatever he was selling.

because, how could i?

he called me steph.


Kellie said...

People do this to my husband all the time. His name is Nathan and people he doesn't know will always call him Nate or Nathaniel. He gets really mad when they call him Nathaniel since it isn't his name at all. He doesn't mind Nate too much if it's someone he knows though.

JMadd said...

I am right there with you. My name is Jennifer, but people who first meet me always just shorten it to Jen. I didn't give them permission to do that. And I especially hate it when people meet my husband and start calling him Bob. That is a first impression that I just can't get over.

Mechelle said...

I agree whole-heartedly, on the name shortening thing and I don't care for sales calls in genral.

Mouse said...

Yep, it's funny when people I've never met (like my husband's co-workers) call me "Mel" the first time we actually do meet. My husband must talk about me so much that they feel like we're old friends ;) My Dad gets it a lot too, his name is Brad, but people will call him Bradley, which is NOT his name... What's even funnier is that his real name is Wendell Brad, so in the phone book and stuff it say "W. Brad Hancock" - sometimes sales people will make up what they think the "W" stands for, like William, and try to address him that way.

Sarah said...

Perhaps he just felt the kindness and generosity of your spirit through the phone, so much that he felt connected to you enough to shorten your name. Creep.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yeah, I love it when people ask me for my first name, and I tell then 'Loralee' and then they say, "Well 'Lora', let me tell you about the great deal I have for you".
Or the foreign languaged telemarketers who have a hard time sounding out my name phonetically. Please!

Me said...

As if Sales people aren't bad enough sometimes! My favorite is when people call me Daniel. Its Danielle people...I'm a girl!

Michelle said...

I love the wind. If I close my eyes I can almost imagine that I am at the beach. Does it get better?

wonder woman said...

Wise decision, my friend. Is wrong, what this man did. May the wind whip him.

Randibee said...

Do I know you well enough to call you Steph, or even NeeNee?