Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference, in General

This past weekend was a feast of spiritual proportions, for sure. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we participated in General Conference. A time where we are taught by our leaders. Words from a prophet.

There were opportunities for reflecting and recommitting. I felt that many of the addresses were directed to me and my family. Amazing how that works.

In particular, during the Saturday morning session, the husband and I were having difficulties corralling the children and convincing them to sit and listen reverently. As voices heightened and a time out was issued, a new speaker began her talk. No sooner had she started than the husband and I exchanged knowing glances and sheepish expressions.

The speaker was teaching us to have respect for our family. To teach our children to respect others. And to do better. (this is what we drew from her message, among a few other things)

We felt repentant. It was an immediate lesson for us, right on the t.v. screen in our own family room. A servant of the Lord showing us the way to be better parents. She couldn't have shared more perfect words for us than if she had been present in our home moments before. It was as if she had been observing our family and taken action, possibly thinking, "This family needs help and instruction on how to improve their teaching methods. And I need to address this issue right now."

Once again I was touched with the applicability of General Conference messages in my life, so pertinent for Today.

I had favorite messages, of course. Some of them so full of personal testimony that all I could do was nod and make an attempt at note-taking through puddled eyes. All the talks were jam-packed with spiritual nuggets that I will feast on for the next six months. I anticipate the arrival of the addresses in The Ensign. I love to re-read them and mark them and make notes in the margins.

And then, of course, our family participated in our annual General Conference Jeopardy game. It was wonderful, as usual. The trophy was finally won by another family, thus ending the winning streak of my oldest sister's family. Her children reluctantly handed it over to my other sister and her family. It will be displayed in their home until October, when it will again be up for grabs.

I awoke this morning feeling satisfied, full. A feeling only gifts of the spirit can bring. And I think I'm going to smile a lot today. Remembering.


That Girl in Brazil said...

Wonderful summary. And I LOVE the idea of the Jeopardy game - I think I read about it the first time on aMAYzing's page, yes? TOTALLY. LOVE IT.

Can't wait til my kids are older to do it.

Ruth P said...

We were so sad to miss the festivities! But I am sure no one would want to get the terrible case of pink eye Scott has. I loved Conference too.

wonder woman said...

I remember that talk well. It made me ask myself if I respected my children.

Thanks again for the Harold B. Lee quote.

Nathan said...

Thanks to your post last time about Conference Jeopardy, I begged the husband to send me a copy of the files. I got them. I used them. We've officially started a new tradition up here.

Thanks for the idea!

Marisa said...

I love, love, loved it too. Definitely needed that spiritual boost!!

Kellie said...

Every time we yelled at our kids to be quiet whoever was speaking mentioned how we need to show love in our families and especially to our children. Yes, I was humbled every time.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I love reading about General Conference on the blogs. I used to be active in the Mormon Church and I loved GC. I always felt the spirit so strongly. Even when I became increasingly inactive, I have still watched BYU TV and specifically conference talks. I guess I better find it on our new cable.

Cherie said...

It was a GREAT conference!

It is hard to rein in the little ones sometimes but even if they can sit for a while they start to learn that there is something important there and each year gets better and better. I think they take in more than we know through those little ears.

I like your blog and the title made me come visit! You have a super cute family :D

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

"I felt that many of the addresses were directed to me and my family. Amazing how that works."

I completely agree with this statement.

How neat that your family has G.C. Jeopardy. What a great way to keep learning moments fun.

Ashley said...

That's such a great review you did, I love conference too! And the jeopardy game sounds awesome. Your family is so fun!