Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DIY Post

I'm always up for a good Do-It-Yourself project. As is the husband. There's a sense of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of a project. And we can usually save a couple bucks when we do something ourselves. I have to believe you know what I am talking about.

Today I am offering to you the DIY Post. As in YOU DIY. Because I believe you have something to say. (and also my creative juices are so not flowing) And, DIY is all the rage. You know.

What's on your mind? Tell me.

This is one project that I believe will turn out beautifully. If you're up for it.


Jess said...

How is the weather? Our forecast for this week includes snow.. Good heavens! It's supposed to be spring! I just hope that our last snow of the season doesn't come in June again, like it did last year. (Side note: thanks for commenting on my blog! The cat didn't chase the ducks; the ducks left by their own choice.)

Cynthia said...

Well, I work at times for a contractor doing design work and I always tell people "The smartest part of doing it yourself is knowing when you shouldn't".

How helpful was that for you post? NOT!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I pay everyone to do everything. Working constantly does not allow myself any time to DIY. I am even considering outsourcing my wedding album, since the pictures and materials have now been sitting on my dining room table for 9 months. So sad.

lagirl said...

I've got a King size bed headboard, which has been stored in my garage for 3 years now (*blush). I am going to refinish it and it's not too big of a job, don't know why I keep putting it off...I also plan to paint the front door. I need to get with it - but I'd have to get off this computer to do that. Hmmm. That's a problem! *smile

Shorty said...

I have lots of diy things in my mind but not a lot has come to fruition up to this point other than things I can crochet or sew. I've read about making drapes from a new painter's canvas drop cloth...sounds easy enough and is definitely inexpensive, as long as you like a very very very neutral color scheme; or making drapes from table cloths which can also save you a ton of money.

Michelle said...

Your post reminded me of a video by Dieter Uchtdorf that I watched yesterday. It is about the joy in creating. I just read it from someone else's blog yesterday.



Me said...

DIY..huh? I have so much on my mind..I don't know where to start. Like the weather. Yesterday is was warm enough that I had to open the windows and get the fans running. Today, I sit here in a jacket with an umbrella dripping at my feet. Seriously..I wish it would make up its mind already.

Or..The Easter Bunny? Who thinks of these things? And why does a big rabbit bring eggs. Should a Chicken deliver eggs and a rabbit..I don't know, droppings or something? Just a thought.

Heidi said...

Have a diy project in mind to send for E's bday. maybe brandon will deliver it next week. Busy with meetings in Phx on mon and Prescott on Wed. Coming home thurs. If I can get to the place I have in mind it will be a really cute project. Brandon took on all things diy this weekend: I no longer do laundry in the DARK! AAh..aahhh..ah the clouds of darkness have departed with an under the shelf light fixture that he installed in two minutes flat. He is amazing!Now I can see those stains BEFORE they get dried.

uniquelynat said...

k- so i have something on my mind. and i have been thinking of posting about it on my blog. and you may have heard me talking about it sunday, but- what is so cool about "the office"? i watched it the other day. a full episode. for the first time. (i have watched parts of a few episodes) and i just don't get it. what is so funny?

thank you for the DYI post!

that helped a lot. and so i still might post about it on my blog...just to get some feedback.

and i hope you are feeling better than you were on sunday. i love you!