Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not Quite Story Time

A couple Sundays ago I witnessed something at church that would be a totally HILL-AIR-E-US!! post. The bad news is that a few people in my ward read my blog- and probably a few more stalk it- and while I don't believe the story would injure anyone, it would be in bad form to pass on the little anecdote. And, truthfully, it is killing me to not share...

Just trust me- you would love the story. And so, the dilemma- just how much can you share on a non-private blog?

Seriously, there are moments in life that really would make for some great entertainment. But once shared on the blog, the reader is left to interpret how they may. And the meanings of some stories might get lost in the translation. And I am one who would never want anyone to misconstrue my meaning. Therefore, much of my daily experiences are tucked up on the "it's better not to tell that one" shelf. I'm sure you know the shelf of which I speak.

Tell ya what- here's what I'm gonna do: As soon as I move- which I have no plans of doing just yet (for my ward's benefit. I mean, it is not to my ward's benefit that I am not moving. I am saying that we have no plans of moving so that no rumors are started. Therefore, I said that "we have no plans of moving" for the benefit of my ward. Get it? Got it. Good. Really, do you get it?)- I am taking down those stories from off that shelf, dusting them off, changing a few names, and posting those babies! Once we move.

Because we all love a good story.

And if you are wondering if the story I have been referring to is about you?


It's not.


P.S. Happy Earth Day. Oldest daughter has been reminding me of this one all month. Won't she be surprised when she realizes that there really is no celebration involved in this holiday? I mean, no celebration as in gifts and carrying on. But, I do believe we will celebrate in our own little way- I have spinach and cucumbers to plant. That should do. Really, we are party animals.

P.P.S. I just came across an article entitled "Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet". I believe some planet is a bit jealous and trying to steal Earth's thunder. Couldn't you come out with this on any other day? After all, it is her day. Rude.


Jessica said...

Can you just change the names now? I'm dying to know!

Erin said...

Oh man, do I know how you feel about this. I have stories I want to tell but can't because of people who read my blog.

Maybe we should create a blog where people can go that the people we don't want to know about it won't know about it. (That didn't make sense.) And we can spill our guts and laugh and cry with each other.

Mrs. Fish said...

so cruel. i'm in dire need of a funny story. so for my health's sake, please email me the story (you can even change the names, in case i know the person). i won't tell anyone!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Hurry up and move! - I want to read those stories. Or - you can find your blogger buddies's email addresses, right? Those that don't live near you, I mean. You could write those stories up and email them to us all! Must less hassle and expense than moving, don't you think?

wonder woman said...

Do you want to do a guest post on my blog?!

I have had this same dilemma. I know a few people from my ward read my blog, but NEVER comment. That's a whole different issue, though.

E-mail me. I have an idea.

big_smartmouth said...

i really have no desire to make people upset or uncomfortable by what i have to say (okay, i admit, there are a few people in the world that i like to see squirm from time to time). but, when it comes to writing (which i love), i say, the truth shall set you free (or, at least, make for a great story). i have a goal in life to write just one book. it'll be funny, short stories that have happened in my life. most of these embarrassing, funny stories are about my family. for some reason, spreading these stories around in a gossiping circle of friends just doesn't seem too kosher to me. but, if i can write about it and spread it far & wide in a book form? well, that's a different story! so, i say, tell on! (maybe i'm just saying this because i really love funny, church stories so i want you to spill the beans! did it work?)

uniquelynat said...

um so happy earth day. we got a little flower to plant from walmart today and 2 green balloons- in honor of the day.pretty cool of them. also it is girl scout leader day. if you needed one more thing to celebrate. oh and also administrative professionals (secretary) day.

Mechelle said...

too funny, if it helps, if there ever is a story about my little family you think is funny then just ask and I'm sure I wouldn't mind, because really you could probably tell it better than I could anyway. So maybe you should ask the person, who the story is about, if you could post it. You never know they might let you.

Mother Goose said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

See, you could have said this happened in my old ward. Unless, the circumstances were so unique to certain individuals that they would know it was them. Alright, already, time to

Barbaloot said...

Here you are having super hot weather---and we get snow! Don't worry, it is warming up finally:)

And I wish I could hear the story. If something like that happens again, you should just make it a story about a ward you *used* to be in...that way you can still tell it and people won't be offended? :)

Fiauna said...

My husband always reminds me to be careful of what I post on my blog because his mom and sisters read it. But to be honest with you, I write whatever I want on my blog. If I offend someone, hey, It's my blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Rachelle said...

YOU are hill-air-e-us! oh the stories i've created in my mind...LOL! I guess i'll have to stick around till you move someday to find out the real story. And by the way, about the other planet, you are totally right. r.u.d.e. of all the days!?@$#!

Janet said...

Oh, I totally agree. I censor myself quite often, because I know that the people I'd be writing about would be reading. I've thought about creating a new, totally anonymous blog so I can be brutally honest.

Anonymous said...
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