Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Good News and The Bad News

I have a few items of Good News/ Bad News business to attend to.
Should only take a minute.
Some people like the good news first and some like the bad news first.
I'll mix it up a bit.
The Good News is,
my brother and sister-in-law are the proud parents of a baby boy- arriving 3 weeks early.
The Bad News is,
they live in Kansas- so we won't get to give that cute little bundle any skwunches (don't know how to spell that one- and *squunches* looks way funny) for a while.
The Bad News is,
while I was driving on the crazy freeway the other night,
someone lost their BBQ grill out of the back of their truck.
I was right behind them.
The Good News is,
it didn't hit me. Or any of the other drivers,
but it did provide a fabulous spark display as it spun across three lanes of traffic.
The Good News is,
oldest daughter had her school Talent Show last night.
She did an excellent job playing "Popeye, the Sailor Man"
on piano.
The Bad News is,
no one told us it was a Talent Competition,
and prizes were handed out for the top 3 performers.
Oldest daughter didn't win- she was way sad.
I wish it had just been a Talent Show as advertised.
But, The Good News is,
it taught her a lesson about performing and enjoying the performance.
The Bad News is,
one of the speakers the husband had lined up for church tomorrow fell through.
The Good News is,
he found a replacement today.
The Bad News is,
it is me.
The Good News is,
tomorrow is Mother's Day.
The Bad News is,
I can never find a gift that truly equals the amount of love and appreciation and honor I feel for the mothers in my life.
The REALLY, REALLY, Bad News is,
the husband's car is broken.
It broke the day before I left for Women's Conference.
And he needed it, because I was taking our other car.
The Good News is,
he was able to use my mom's car while I was gone.
The Bad News is,
we received word on Thursday that the car will need a whole new engine.
The REALLY, REALLY Good News is,
we were on our way to pick up his new car when the mechanic called!
The Bad News is,
we couldn't talk him into getting the pink one.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in the world-
those with children and those who help mother other people's children!


wonder woman said...

Good luck speaking tomorrow! And am I right in assuming you have a mini now?!

Love this edition of GN/BN.

Cynthia said...

Crazy busy week! Sorry about the loss of the vehicle but the new one is cute. I guess he commutes? I can see why your little girl is bummed he didn't get the pink one.

Randibee said...

Wow! I love the good news! Cool car, Chris--yay for you! (I really think he would look good in the pink car!)

I'm sorry for the disappointment of the Talent show, and I wish we could have come to see her perform!!!

Good luck with your talk tomorrow! I know you'll do a great job!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I wish I could be in your ward tomorrow and hear your talk! I'm sure it will be fabulous!
And part of my deal of being a bishops's wife is that I get a pass on the talks - that was negotiated up-front. The only exception was speaking with my son before he left on his mission. The Good News was that we had a huge snowstorm early that morning and only had 70 people in the cong. - most of them family!

And hey, I am doing my little giveaway on my blog right now, and I draw the winner on Monday, May 11 at 5 pm. Hope you have a minute to stop by and enter. The gift is a super cute apron handmade by me!

Michelle said...

What a delight to read! Good luck with your talk -- I'm speaking tomorrow too and I think that speaking on Mother's Day is a little bit tricky. Hooray for babies, talent and fully working cars!

lagirl said...

What a wild time of Good News and Bad News. I guess life is always a mix of the two. Good luck on your talk tomorrow. I hope you'll share what you said with us in your next Post.

Mechelle said...

love it, can't wait to hear your talk tomorrow and see the new car!

mom and dad said...

Small world! Mom and I are speaking tomorrow also! Too bad that grandma is in N.H. and won't get to write it for me! (or correct me)
Good luck! Dad.

Sarah said...

Haven't you spoken for Mother's Days past? Could you recycle? :) So sorry that Q didn't win, and sad that you didnt' get the pink one. But hooray for the date car! Enjoy!

uniquelynat said...

bummer that the pink car was not brought home. and i think that you won't even have to clean out the garage to be able to park it in there. it's small enough to be able to *squeeeeze* it in next to the van!

do a great mother's day talk!

Heidi said...

Woooooow! You really needed a new car. Isn't it great how things just hold out on a prayer until your are ready for the next step?!? I guess you got your answer that it was so the right thing! May you have many happy hours of cruising even if it is the blue one:)
Hope your talked rocked! We had some good ones at our ward!
Husband published by 2008 blog into a book and I cried happy loved tears. Happy Mother's Day!

Mrs. Fish said...

i hate it when they make mom's speak on mother's day! i'm sure you did awesome, though. and speaking of awesome-- that car! the husband looks so tall next to that little thing! how fun.

Nathan said...

I hope your talk went well, and I'm glad the good news outweighed the bad news. That is the way it should be.

cmom said...

Chris's big brother says "come on be man enough and drive the pink one!"

Elizabeth said...

How did your talk go? I had to speak on Mother's Day once, and felt so inadequate....I cried the whole talk of course :) Love the husband's new car!!! Too bad he didn't go for pink- I think the kiddos would have really loved it!

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