Thursday, June 18, 2009


I accomplished much today.
A friend watched the children so that I could do all I needed.
I had a long list.
I checked off items.
One by one.
Among my list of accomplishments was the purchase of 3 new bras.
The husband will be interested to know this.
Too bad he is in another state tonight.
Far, Far Away.


Heidi said...

You make me laugh with all your bra shopping 'nouncements. definitely good call to go without the kiddos:) Congrats on a checklist complete:)...At least til it starts all over again tomorrow!

Marni said...

Bra shopping is probably my least favorite thing to do! seriously... HATE IT!

Nathan said...

I love that your title for this post has a couple different connotations. I hope that was planned. :)