Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friday Night Videos

I'm not sure if you heard, but Michael Jackson died. I found out about his death while at Girls Camp- our little Youth Camp Leaders announced it right before dinner on the day of his passing. Hmmm, I wonder how they knew- since we were not allowed cell phones at camp. Revelation?

Today, as the children and I were watching a bit of his memorial service, I thought back on my memories of Michael Jackson in the 80s. The penny loafers, the fedora hat, the black and red jackets, parachute pants, the moon walk, the lone glove. I have never been a huge fan, but I do remember when Thriller came out when I was in fifth grade.

I spent the night at Jeanette Eby's house and we stayed up late just so we could watch Friday Night Videos (do you remember FNV?) and the premier of the Thriller video. We also ate fruit roll-ups. And pop rocks. It was a party for sure.

Jeanette's family had a yellow VW Bug.
And orange carpet. And an owl macrame wall hanging.

And we sat on that orange carpet, in front of her huge, console television set and thrilled at that video. And probably afterward, The Reflex video played.

And at school on Monday, we gathered with our friends and talked about that Thriller video. And how awesome it was- and that there would be an encore presentation of it that we vowed not to miss.

Those were the days of really totally awesome videos.
As we watched the funeral, oldest daughter waxed philosophical and shared her observations by stating the following:
"Mom, sometimes when you're little
you could be black or brown
and then you could turn whiter
when you get older."
True that.


Me said...

They truly don't make things like they used too! Those were the days...when MTV actually played videos!

Mrs. Fish said...

what? michael jackson died? oldest daughter's observation is hilarious! love it!

JMadd said...

The face of a child says it all... especially the mouth part of the face. Your daughter is very astute.

Sandi and Curtis said...

Oldest daughter is right on target. Amazing how thin the veil is in our little ones.

Shannon said...

What an insightful daughter you have! I'd hope that no matter how much money she had or the color of her skin, that she'd be happy being her sweet self.

Nora Morgan said...

How ironic! I found out about Michael Jackson's death while at Girls' Camp also. Although our YW leaders (who only come up for one evening) told us. And we had to personally confiscate our girls' cell phones before we headed up the mountain where there is no service anyway. Hee Hee

Heidi said...

yup...back when he was black he could really dance and sing.
Watching the funeral you realize how influential he really was on society. How many big names were there?! I hope I get a rockin' funeral and standing ovations at my funeral!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Those were the days! You had to actually look forward to a program for days, and then watch it at the scheduled time. We are so spoiled now! MJ was a great PERformer, but his televised memorials have been too much for me. News anchors acting like he was the Messiah...guess they've moved on from Obama?

wonder woman said...

Only in America and a poor little black back boy grow up to be a rich white woman.

....I saw that somewhere once with a series of MJ pics from boyhood to adulthood. Your daughter is very astute.