Saturday, August 1, 2009


We just returned last night from a 3 week vacation in Colorado and Utah. And this is what I am thinking about being home:

  • Arizona freeways are a lot cleaner than I remember.
  • It is a lot hotter than I remember.
  • My house is a little cleaner than I remember leaving it.
  • A couple of my trees are more horizontal than I remember them being when I left. Obviously some pretty strong monsoon winds blew through my back yard. *sniff, sniff*
  • A couple of my trees are taller than I remember.
  • My grass is much longer than I remember.
  • My garden is a lot weed-ier than I remember.
  • My flower beds are a little dead-er than I remember.
  • There are a few more black widow spider webs than I remember.
  • My bed is waaaaaaaaay softer than I remember.
  • I got a better night's sleep than I remember.
  • Our piano is louder than I remember.
  • My phone rings a lot more than I remember.
  • My calendar is a little fuller than I remember.
  • The grocery store is more crowded than I remember.
  • The canine enjoys running around the house more than I remember.
  • The husband has more meetings than I remember.
  • Summer is a lot more over than I remember. Only 2 days to get ready for the first day of school.
  • The children love their toys more than I remember.
  • Middle daughter fell asleep on the floor faster than I remember.
  • The children asked for the traditional Saturday morning doughnuts earlier than I remember.
  • A/C is way better than I remember. (My in-laws have no a/c.)
  • And vacations are way more funn-er than I ever remember!

I will fill in deets and pics later. But for now, we are home. Let the unpacking begin!!

P.S. If you live in my part of the valley, don't forget the Back to School Breakfast at my house on Monday at 9:00 AM. I believe it will be way more funn-er than you ever remember!


Loralee and the gang... said...

School for you already? Rats fro you. We are lucky enough to not have to start until Sept 8. Yay!

Ginny said...

WELCOME BACK! I have thought about calling you a few times more than I remember while you were gone, but then had to restrain cuz I knew you were on vaca! I'm glad your back now and that your more easily accessible! Love ya sis. Glad your trip was well and that you returned home well!

cmom said...

Having you here was great. Thanks again for everything, you guys are the best.

Lizdee said...

I was glad I was able to see you. I love your family.

Heidi said...

The smell of your own space is just spacey-er! I love that homey this is mine feeling. Glad you were able to visit but I agree with the sleepy kids and canine, there's no place like home.

Janet said...

Welcome home! Wanted to let you know that I left an award for you on my blog. :-)

Sandi and Curtis said...

Did you take the dog with you?? It was good having you back today! I missed all of you!

Cynthia said...

Glad you had a great last hurrah vacation before school starts. That breakfast sounds like fun! Good luck putting the yard back together!

uniquelynat said...

i missed you more than i remember. i'm glad you are back. and hope your breakfast was fun this morning! and the first day of school. and hope middle daughter had a wonderful first day ever experience! addie goes back on wed. yay!

Mechelle said...

Glad you had fun!