Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where are those Binjas?

I'm confident that someone out there might have the brains to do this. Or at least an opinion on what can be done.

Little son traded in his precious Peter Piper Pizza tickets for two plastic ninjas (one purple, one blue) at our little family's back to school celebration dinner on Monday evening.

Since Tuesday morning, the most commonly-heard phrase in our home is, "I can't find my Binjas." Yes, he calls them binjas. Because ninja can sometimes sound like binja to little 3 year old ears.

The problem? If the binjas are not immediately located, then all composure is lost and it would seem that Armageddon is imminent. Tears gush, banshee-like screams ensue, and the family searches for the binjas to appease the little son beast. And, usually, those silly binjas are found.

But, for the last 4 hours those binjas have been MIA.

So, where does the person with the brains come in? I personally believe that every toy, every blanket, every book, every pillow that any child even remotely looks at should contain a tracking device. It would make life easier. And I know there is someone out there who could do it. Because a mom can't possibly be expected to know where all things are at all times. Can a mom?

I'm doing well to know where the children are at this moment. In bed, I think.

Maybe I should check on that.

And, I'll find those binjas tomorrow. Because for now, the crying has ceased.


HanksFam said...

I know exactly what you mean. At our house they're called "injas."

wonder woman said...

Hanks -- they are "injas" at our house, too.

Blankets also need this tracking device. And remotes. I've long thought that TVs should come with a page button like phones do.

Good luck finding the binjas. My boys are big fans of backpacks and lunch boxes and whatnot that can hold a multitude of treasures. Have you searched the corners and crevices for a secret stash?

cmom said...

Be happy it is "binjas" We had a major melt down awhile ago because Will was supposed to fly and couldn't find his wallet with ID. Not many tears but sure a lot of grumpiness ( by the way it was found in the car he had completely looked through before by a sister.)

Heidi said...

Aw yes, the banshee screams are so upsetting and as a mom with no wonder woman powers we just can't do it all. a big universal remote with micro chips implanted in everything important and red lights and beeping noises to lead us to the target. We SO need to invent this!

Nathan said...

Don't stop at toys. I need tracking devices on all kinds of things (car keys, the screwdriver that should be in the tool box but isn't, etc.).

Here's my guess. Don't you have a cousin or friend that likes to hide a pair of shoes somewhere? I'm betting the binjas are with them.

Randibee said...

The missing toys are always found in our car! Don't ask me why. Or the pantry...

I hope you find them soon!