Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tune In Tuesday

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Tune In Tuesday!

I'd like to introduce you to Nathan over at Talkaholics Anonymous.
Nathan's brilliant execution of the *Tangent* is something I can relate to.
So, in a way, I feel like we are kindred spirits.
One of my favorite series of all time is Anne of Green Gables.
Have you read it? Seen the movies?
Nathan is like the Moody Spurgeon to my Anne.
(End Tangent)

My favorite of all his stuff is his series entitled Cult Chronicles.
You can find them here, here, here, here, here and here.
And now he's following it up with a new series entitled Office Outtakes
that I have to admit I am quite interested in because it focuses on the foibles of his co-workers.
And the husband is one of those co-workers.
Office Outtakes could provide for some insight into the working wonder that is the husband.

Plus, what can endear you more to a person
than if he watches Barbie movies with his daughter?
I know.

After you read his post
head on over to Nathan's place.
And don't forget to Swap Howdies!!

It's fitting that LLLW (Laughing at Life's Little Wedgies) wrote about Christmas last week, because it felt like Christmas when she asked me to guest post on her blog.

Since she is so good at telling a funny story and applying a moral, all in a nice little package, I thought it'd be best to try the same format for my post.

Then, after 3 hours of bashing my head onto my desk trying to think of something deep, I finally gave up and decided it would be best to stick to my roots and just tell an anecdotal story from my past (or in this case, my dad's past).

Let me also clarify that while I'm teasing my dad a little, the apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree.

My Dad and the Civic

My dad used to drive a Volkswagen Beetle (one of the new ones with a built-in flower vase). He got it silver to match his hair.

He thought the vase was a pen holder until I pointed out what it was really for. After giving him a moment to let it sink in, I thought he'd be slightly embarrassed about driving a car clearly made for a girl.

No such luck. He asked me to get a red rose bud for it.
(End Tangent)

When he bought a new car, he didn't want to go down and haggle with the dealership, so he negotiated the entire thing over the phone. He wanted a Honda Civic. He wanted it silver (again, to match his hair). He wanted it to have a CD player for his Mo Tab and Gaither CDs.

Once they agreed on a price, he went down and drove his new "silver bullet" off the lot.

A few months later, around Christmastime, he and the Civic spent one evening zipping around town, delivering pumpkin chocolate chip bread (way better than pumpkin chocolate chip cookies) to friends and family. This is one of our Christmas traditions.

My dad is all about efficiency, and while I don't know this for sure, it wouldn't surprise me to find out he had his map all marked out ahead of time with the route traced in red ink.
(End Tangent)

As he stopped at each house, he got increasingly irritated with the Civic. He had all the plates of bread in the back seat, and he couldn't get the seat to shift nearly as far forward as it did in his beloved Beetle.

So, there he was, at each house, squeezing his shoulders into the sliver of space between the chair and the door frame, using a flashlight to find the plate with the correct label.

He was livid. LI. VID.

Now, fast forward a few days.

My dad was helping a friend deliver Poinsettias to people and they decided to take the Civic. At the first stop, my dad once again wedged himself into the crack to pull out one of the plants.

I'm sure it brought back all the frustration (and perspiration) from the other night.

The next stop, it was my dad's friend's turn to get one of the plants. He got out of the car, opened the back door and pulled it out.

The. Back. Door.

It had been months, and my dad never noticed he now owned a car with four doors.


Cynthia said...

Oh my heck! I am laughing so hard! He must have felt so silly. LOL! Thanks for sharing that great little story. And thanks to LLLW for having you visit. Now I'm off to check out your blog.

Nathan said...

I'm giddy.

That's the only word for it.

Oh, and famous. I guess I'm famous now too (thanks to LLLW).

Ginny said...

too funny!! that one realization must have opened up a new world to him that he never knew! can you imagine if he stopped taking things to people after delivering the bread because of the frustration??? he might have never found out he owned a 4 door car! :)ps- i like your tangents

uniquelynat said...

oh! i can't stop laughing!!! poor dad! but at least the car matched his hair. who could ask for more!?!?!!

thanks for the great laugh today nathan! ps- i always LOVE to read your comments....guess i am a bit like your dad and never thought i could go over to your blog for more....:)

Holly said...

yes, nathan. one of my faves from your archive! well executed, my friend.

mom and dad said...

I love it when there are others that miss the obvious..I totaly relate..thanks Nathan..I also enjoy your comments, I think partially because you are of the male influence and have a different view than the female..thanks for taking Steph on her invitation and sharing a bit of the "quirkyisms" of your fam!

Sarah said...

Now that's funny. I don't care who you are - that's funny. :)

Mechelle said...

ha ha ha ha! way to funny, makes you wonder what his friend thought seeing him not opening the door! lol!