Friday, October 30, 2009


went to a mid-morning birthday party for a cute little nephew
sewed a superman logo
attended oldest daughter's student of the month assembly
assembled halloween costumes for three of the cutest people on earth
concocted costumes for the husband and myself

This evening we will:
attend our church fall festival
over indulge on cupcakes and candy
fall into bed with smiles on our faces

Tomorrow we will:
make the journey to grandma's house for homemade donuts and trick-or-treating

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn to you and your little spooks!


Kellie said...

Can't wait for pictures! I want to know what you and your husband will be for Halloween:)

Loralee and the gang... said...

Have a spooky Haloween! Sounds like great plans.

Cynthia said...

Happy Halloween SEASON! Gotta love the last minute costume rush.