Friday, October 9, 2009


I believe fairies fly south for the winter.
In that case, won't you send your fairies our way?
We have just about completed their accommodations
and I believe any fairy
would love it in our little fairy garden.

The children and I dreamed and schemed.
And we ordered some tiny plants from a miniature plant company
and some magical stones and glowing mushrooms from another magical place.
And we had them throw in a few fairies,
who are enjoying the waterfall at this very moment.

The children decided to add the prisms
that we had purchased
(thanks to our recent viewing of Pollyanna)
to hang in the kitchen windows.
They think they cast a mystical glow
and are perfect for a fairy garden.
I must say that I agree.

We began construction early Wednesday morning.
And completed just as the sun was setting last evening.
Perfect timing for little fairies to fly in
and settle down for the night.

And we are pleased with our work.
We are just waiting for that pretty moss
to fill in a bit and a few flowers for more color.
Then I think we need a little fairy pathway
and maybe a little fairy hammock.
Those things can be added later.

Each of us chose our favorite element
in the garden.
We can't get over how much we love
the little plant from the miniature plant company
called Dragons Blood.
It's red.
And it belongs in a fairy garden.
And the magical stones are a brilliant blue.
But they glow green when it is dark.
We have a couple miniature trees
that we planted on the hill.
Can you see that we have a hill?
Well, we do.
And there are a cluster of mushrooms
that glow.
They are intoxicating.
And the fountain.
We all love the fountain.
The children thought it was the perfect spot
for the little fairies to bathe.
And so, there they sit.

In conclusion,
I think this is just what I needed
this week.
A little escape from reality
and a chance to tune-in
to my inner-child once again.
I think the children have
seen a whole new mom.
And I think they like it.
I think the husband
has even had a grand time
listening to our fairy garden
status reports.

The kids keep asking me if fairies are really going to come visit our little garden.
I told them yes, they are.


Claire said...

I Love it! and tell middle daughter that Uncle Ray will be sending fairies from his fountain to yours.

mom and dad said...

It looks super and better than that there are the memories that will last a life time..I beleive in faries..remember, build it and they will come!Way to go mom!

The Head Eagle said...

Amazing! Truly amazing! I know a cute little fairy..with Green wings. I will send her your way. You will know its her..she has red hair! Take good care of her, for me!

Ruth P said...

So fun! I know our kids will want one of their own! Thank you for all of the fun ideas. If we build one, we should have a fairy block party! :) Or a fairy family reunion! (With what a small world it is, I am sure all fairies are related somehow!)

Sandi and Curtis said...

How fun! Adds spice to a normal season!

Mechelle said...

I love it!

Heidi said...

It really is glorious! Nice work and super creative! Love it! Any fairy visits?

Melody said...

What a great magical little place of refuge! You guys did a great job and how fun to watch and plan for the little guest fairies. Great idea!