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For our final guest post in the Thanksgiving series, please welcome TruBluBYU.

If you read her blog, you know that she is a masterful traditionista (yep, I just said that), and I was pretty darn excited to see what she had to say about Thanksgiving traditions.


Welcome, TruBluBYU!

Traditions are my life-blood.

I had an enchanted childhood, full of Tradition and excitement. And now that I have my own little family, those magical traditions I enjoyed as a young girl continue with my children. And I can see reflected in their eyes the same joy Tradition brought me.

Do you know the secret about Tradition? Anyone at any time can begin a new tradition- even when there is not a holiday in sight. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is. So, I find myself using any excuse I can to fashion a new tradition at my house. And the children are mystified by every one.

It seems, though, that Tradition is most abundant during the Holiday Season. That’s what makes the holidays so magical.

In my family, we share a few Thanksgiving traditions that I enjoy.

There are seven children in the family of my birth. Add spouses and children, and the number has exploded to 37 people in all. We all love to be together and play together.

On Thanksgiving Day, we typically invite another large family that we grew up with to a morning kickball challenge. Because, in Arizona you can play kickball outside on Thanksgiving Day and break a sweat. It’s Awesome! And also because they have a million people in their family, so it makes the match much more funner. (yep, funner)

Mostly we visit and catch up on old times and meet the newest members of each family while all our children run wild. And then when it’s our turn to kick the ball we do our best to kick it as far as we can and try our best to not look old and slow as we round the bases.

After the game, we say our goodbyes to our friends, vow to not wait so long to get together again, load up the kids and equipment and the whole family gathers for dinner. And we eat. Typical, traditional Thanksgiving Day vittles.

As soon as we have had our fill, the girls gather for an afternoon craft. One of us has done all the pre-planning and purchasing of supplies and teaches the rest of us the project. (It just so happens to be my turn to lead the craft this year.)

We holster our glue guns and carefully mold our project, each of us adding our individual touch to make our project unique. We chat and swap stories and offer advice and opinions. And when we’re done, we step back and ooh and ahh over our creations. And then we require the husbands to ooh and ahh over the loveliness we have created to beautify our homes. They do a pretty good job ooh-ing and ahh-ing. And then they return to their football game.

And then, we all load up our families and make our way to the local movie theatre to catch the latest holiday release. Movie theatres on Thanksgiving Day with popcorn and your little ones tucked close beside you are truly magical.

It’s always a really good day.

But, the best tradition is that we are together as a family. Yes, family is the best tradition. The real life-blood in my veins.

Just hook me up to an IV of that Tradition and I could thrive.

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