Thursday, March 11, 2010


I believe that I am a major contender for Mother of the Year. Any other nominees should walk away now.

Right around lunchtime, as I was still in pj's and visiting with a friend, I received a phone call from the children's school. It seems today was early release. And I had a couple of daughters in the office waiting for their mother to retrieve them.

Early release? Really? In my defense, I am not used to my children attending a school where the parents are competent enough to know on their own that today was an early release day. Where we came from we received notice of early release days on ALL days that preceded the early day. And besides, we had early release every Wednesday, but still, I forgot to pick up oldest daughter on one such occasion. Perhaps you remember?

Also, I have 3 baskets of laundry waiting to be folded. What you don't know is that it really equals 4 loads of laundry, because I managed to stuff 2 loads into one of the baskets.

Additionally, I have dried milk spots on my table from this morning's breakfast. Eventually I will get around to washing them off.

Along with the forgotten daughters, neglected laundry and ignored table, I have one canine badly in need of a shampoo and cut. But really, I am not her mother- so maybe that one should not apply to my candidacy for Mother of the Year.

Furthermore, the children roamed the street (yes, street- singular) of our neighborhood, without parental supervision. And climbed on the logs that house rattlesnakes apparently. (this according to Don, caretaker of the church behind our house- who I met just this afternoon. And he informed me that the Mormons are starting to take over the world. But this, only after he learned I am a Mormon myself. It was a lovely exchange.)

Plus, I haven't showered yet today. But, hey, there are still a couple hours left before this day expires. Right?

On second thought, maybe I should kiss Mother of the Year goodbye.

Although, I did let them watch PolkaPalooza on PBS this evening. And they square danced. Until one of the children flung the other to the tile. And tears were shed. And the Mother of the Year candidate sent them all to bed. Because she needed a little peace and quiet.

So, I wanna know: What did you do today that could rival my bid for Mother of the Year?


Sandi and Curtis said...

How about buying your own ticket to Disneyland so you can help your kids and grandkids have a great time riding the rides while I sit and watch the baby who can't ride anything! For two days. (Shhhh- We did have fun!)

Sweet Tea said...

I love you for "keepin' it real". Somedays life just happens, ready or not.

uniquelynat said...

ha! that's nothin! i flat walked out! i was tired of my family (husband included) and was all too happy to leave them in the dust when time came to go to cake class tonight. but now i am home and happy to be. that was the break i needed.

besides putting the boy in time out more than enough times today, and making the husband pick the girl up from school, and telling the girl that she would have to go ask her father for help on her homework because i was busy visiting with some friends (actually my visiting teachers), i didn't do all that much today to rival you.

magically ordinary said...

I just stumbled upon you blog and had to let you know how much I LOVE your blog's title. Just fabulous! And, I love the way you write. Can't wait to read more!

Noelle said...

I just decided this morning at about 2 am that I might actually want kids at some point in the future...does that get me anything? :)

I think you totally deserve mother of the year!!!

Wonder Woman said...

I am horrible at brushing my children's teeth. It happens like once every two weeks. And I have never gotten our fluoride prescription filled. And we eat too much candy. And my oldest was FIVE AND A HALF before going to the dentist for the first time because I just knew they were gonna have a million cavities and make me look bad. (Which I totally deserve.)

Luckily yesterday at their first appointment they had no cavities. I got SO SO lucky, because it definitely wasn't my MOTY skills that got them no cavities.