Monday, March 29, 2010

On My Mind Today...

It always surprises me when March comes around and I remember it has 31 days. So many days for such a little month.

I'm excited about the secret undercover operation my little family and I have in the works.

I haven't received my census information. The deadline to fill it out is Thursday. I want to be counted. It's my civic duty.

Only 20 days til middle daughter's birthday. Really? Do they have to grow up?

My mom used to serve hominy with dinner when I was younger, but as I got older we didn't eat hominy any more. Why not? Did she and hominy have a fight?

I love the scent of the orange blossoms this time of year. I wish I could bottle it up and put it in my a/c vents for when I need some blessed relief this summer.

Do kids still mosh?

What's the fascination with In-N-Out Burger and Ikea? Not a fan of either.

I will have the husband put up curtains everyday. Such a great booty-view while he is on the ladder and I am handing tools to him. I'm glad I married me some delicious buns!

I don't think I have cleaned my wedding ring in a long, long time.

Are there any more babies in my future?

It is possible to re-work any treasure you find at Deseret Industries to fit into the decor of your home.

It cracks me up when the little neighbor boy comes over to play and says, "Hola Senorita" to me and then when he is leaving tells me to be sure to tell the husband goodbye.

Am I getting an ingrown toenail?

My tush is going to be so sore tomorrow.

I hope my mom is feeling better.

If I clean all my bathrooms tomorrow, can I convince the children to hold it for a week?

I'm hoping my brother and sister-in-law are having a wonderful time in Jerusalem, because their kids are cracking me up while they are gone.

The weather forecast fascinates me this week. A 20 degree difference between Tuesday and Thursday.

Do people appreciate a gift that is accompanied by a card better than a gift without a card? Do they really care about the card? Or just the gift?

I'm glad middle daughter felt good about the work she did at school today and she was able to do her worksheets quickly. Even though she thinks her teacher is mean. (so do I)

I'm surprised by some of the admissions people include in their facebook status updates.

ohh, is there anything better than a sunset?


HanksFam said...

I'm glad you mentioned that the Census deadline is Thursday. I've had it filled out for a week...better get that in.

And I love sunsets, too.

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

don't know how you can't love IKEA- but I'm not a huge In'N'Out girl.

Wonder Woman said...

Just last week I was like, "How is March already over?" Now I'm like, "How is March not over yet?"

We've got 20 degree differences in weather, too. But ours comes with a rain/snow mix. Yuck.

Mouse said...

Here's a couple of my thoughts this morning:
-Who invented Tuesday? Such a boring day.
-Why are my back and arms so sore, I only remember working out my legs yesterday?
-I agree, me no likey IKEA or in-n-out. Ikea furniture looks like Kmart furniture, but with goofy names (sorry to those who love Kmart and also speak Swedish...)
-I saw blossoms on my lemon tree this morning and am anxiously awaiting the sweet scent!
-Cate is so proud of dressing herself in a pink shirt and an orange and red shirt, and I can't burst her three-year-old bubble by making her change.
-The secret word I have to type this comment is "demon." Should I be worried?

Nathan said...

This looks a little like one of my typical ADD moments.

uniquelynat said...

well i guess i don't really need to update the world on my curtain status. so maybe i am one of the people who tells too much in my fb status. sorry!

Jessica said...

I think people mostly throw cards away so I never buy them when I'm giving a gift. My mom always includes a card and thinks it's tacky not too. Weird.

Cynthia said...

My thanks too for letting me know about the Census deadline. I haven't paid proper attention to the mail so I guess I'd better go check it and get that taken care of.

Lots of things on your mind. Congrats on the great buns- you're a smart cookie.

Khourt said...

Dang! So much going on I forgot what I was going to comment about.

Ruth P said...

I love your posts, Steph! I have had many of the same thoughts!