Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rollin' With the Homies

We are on day million of our eternal spring break. Two weeks of spring break. Who gets that? It has been a good one, though. And today has been rainy and overcast, which is a great thing, because we needed our dirt wetted (wetted?) down a bit more. And now I believe it has been sufficiently wetted down. And it shouldn't be blowing into my house when I have the windows open.

We have had a pretty relaxed schedule this spring break. And today is no exception- especially with the rain.

Let me give you a glimpse.

What the children are watching:

Speed Racer. Cartoon. Action.

What I am watching:

Speed Racer. Live Action. The kid who works at the church behind our house. Taking his hourly cigarette break. Where he rolls his own cigs with paper he keeps in a beautiful teal colored bill fold.

Just so you know, I had to mega-zoom in on him and took the pic from my living room window during his 1:00 break. And then he looked up and saw me, I think. And I haven't seen him back for a hand-rolled cigarette break since. And he is just about due for his break. I'll let ya know if he shows up. (did you notice the lovely wetted down dirt? that is our property- freshly graded. and i have no claim on the weeds- those belong to the church. and the kid on the golf cart. do you think maybe he is rolling weed?) (and seriously, i do try to write without employing parentheses, but i just can't help myself.)

I don't think he is supposed to be on break, because as I have watched him, I have noticed that he drives the little golf cart over to this point, behind the parsonage which is at the farthest corner of the church property and out of eyesight of any who might be at the church.

And oldest daughter mentioned, during his 10:00 break, that she thinks people who go to church aren't supposed to be smoking. I love that innocence.

Plus, he is not a very good golf cart operator. I have witnessed a trash can fall off his cart at 9:00 and a shovel fall off at 11:00. Both as he was making sharp turns. Slow down, Speed Racer, I say. There are gophers at play in the area.


Cherie said...

Ha Ha This made me laugh! I have some interesting neighbors that I like to "keep my eye on" too :D

You should go out and wave at him sometime so he doesn't hide and smoke anymore - he'd probably be super surprised!

2 week spring break - wow never heard of that!

uniquelynat said...

HAHA! k so glad i got to see speed racer first hand today. and i am laughing even more now than i was this afternoon. guess your picture taking did not deter him from using the same hiding spot. i will say no more lest you would like to continue you story and tell of our investigation yourself.

Heidi said...

weed. definately weed.