Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 6th!

Today we celebrated 6 years of middle daughter's life.

Where has the time gone?

We had a fun weekend, filled with parties and pinatas and strawberry cupcakes. I never thought we would ever in a million years, serve strawberry cupcakes at middle daughter's anything.

Whenever- and I really mean whenever- we go to a party of any sort, middle daughter expresses her wishes of "I hope they don't have strawberry cake at this party. I hate strawberry cake!!!" (with multiple exclamation points)

So, as I was prepping for the 6 party, I questioned middle daughter to determine what we would include in the perfect party. And she requested a pinata and strawberry cupcakes.

What?!? Strawberry cupcakes?

I thought we were not on the same page, so I reminded her that she doesn't like strawberry cake. To which she coolly replied, "I don't like strawberry cake. I love strawberry cupcakes!!! With strawberry frosting."

Oh, of course.

So, strawberry cupcakes it was- with the cutest candles I have ever seen in my life.

But I was unwilling to spend $20 on a pinata. So I had my sister make one. Out of a red berry Special K cereal box- multi-pack from Sam's Club- wrapped in paper with mylar strips hanging from it. And it was a hit. And all the party kids were able to take multiple whacks at it and it lasted. Until the end, at which point it showered all it's sugary goodness (of candy, not the cereal. i did actually fill it with candy). And, yay, $20 saved.

I love that little brown-eyed girl of mine. What would we do without her? We couldn't do without her! I knew when she entered this world, weighing a delightful 11 lbs 3 ozs, she would be a child who made a big impact wherever she went. And I was right. She is full of kindness, love, goodness, theatrics, stubbornness, and sweetness.

In conclusion, it has been an emotional weekend. My middle daughter has turned the clock forward. And I love her. And an octet of young men sang a beautiful song (We'll Bring the World His Truth) during Sacrament meeting today- all of whom are minutes from leaving on their missions- and I had to face the fact that someday my own children will leave home. Mothers shouldn't have to face these kinds of facts on 6th birthdays. And I may have shed a tear or two.

Oh, the emotion. Plus, I was a mean and nasty wife to the husband on Saturday. I don't know what my deal was. But I'm pretty sure he didn't deserve all I had to dish out. And so, emotions. I think I was like the devil to him.

Maybe because I was all focused on sixes all weekend? Sixes in triplicate.


Michelle said...

Does this mean I am not the only one that dishes up undeserved venting to their husband? What a relief! Do keep dishing up the fun reads though - makes me smile and admire your mad writing skills every time.

Ruth P said...

{Chuckle, chuckle!] I love how you write! You have such a talent for weaving in bits of story together! I just love your middle, brown eyed daughter! She is such a sweetie! I am so glad she had a wonderful birthday. And the undeserved venting? Unfortunately, that happens to the best of us... :) I am sure you are right and it was due to the blasted 6s! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

uniquelynat said...

and my day was friday. poor poor husband. but he had a happy send off so all is well. i sure love that little girl. i hope she had the funnest 6th birthday a middle daughter could ask for! poor my add that had to leave the party early. it will never happen again (at least not due to baskets in the morning! ;) )

Ginny said...

oh happy birthday!!! im glad she had a wonderful time with her strawberry cupcakes! that cracks me up! thanks for picking me up and letting me take part in her birthday celebration! :) how does she love her new bike????

Sandi and Curtis said...

Please tell middle child that Sis. Nielson says Happy Birthday and I hope she has a wonderful year!!

Emzwee said...

I'm way behind on my blog reading, but I also can't believe middle daughter is 6. Seems like just barely that oldest daughter turned 6. Tell her a very happy late birthday for me.