Monday, May 10, 2010


You might be interested to know that I spent the day sewing, which netted our little household curtains for 6 windows. You might be interested to know that.

But, what might interest you more is that new curtains means that we no longer have bedsheets hanging in our windows. I know. I never wanted to be that woman. The one who hangs bedsheets in her windows. Well, I am her no longer. Hallelujah!

You also may be interested to know that the neighbor's dog is working wonders on our gopher problem. One gopher casualty today. Thank you, Marley!

It might interest you that my nephew was just crowned Mr. (insert small Utah town). This means that he... well, I don't really know what this means. But, I guess he represents his small town for the next year.

You also may be interested in knowing that I made a meal today for my sister and her family who moved into a new home this weekend. But, even more interesting is that it was a weak attempt at providing a meal for a family who could have used an all-out catered affair, because, as I mentioned, I was sewing today. And so, I planned ahead and prepared the main dish this morning. But, I was so engrossed in my sewing project that I failed to prepare the rest. So, when she dropped her son (my nephew, but not Mr.(insert small Utah town) ) off at my house so he could use our internet, since theirs is not yet hooked up- I was not completely done preparing their meal. So, I sent her away with the main dish- that she had to mix the sauce topping for and put in the oven. I sent her with a head of lettuce and various and assorted vegetables so that she could prepare a salad. I sent her away with a bag of frozen corn from my freezer that she could then heat up. Isn't that scandalous? But, I did give her one of my kitchen knives so that she could cut up her own salad stuff since her knives are in the deep recesses of a cardboard box. I think the knife redeemed me.

Also interesting is what we received in the mail today. It was a notice from Sam's Club alerting us that the children's motrin we had purchased had been recalled. We buy our motrin in bulk. Little son wakes up every night (well, at least 5 nights a week) crying with leg aches, and motrin works wonders for his little legs. And now we find out we have been using icky motrin. But, thank you Sam's Club for sending us a personal notice.

You also may be interested to know that there was not a lot of apostasy at church yesterday as a result of our special musical number, which was Beautiful Savior (love that one- especially now that I have heard it sung by my favorite people on the planet). I say there was not a lot of apostasy since I have not received a final count. The bishop was out of town and so I am counting on him letting us know the damage once he returns.

I was interested to receive graduation announcements from two dynamic youth. Lucky world! These two are graduating- and will be in real wards and serving and doing amazing things.

You may be interested to know when I might possibly end this rant. K, I believe that will do for now.


Ruth P said...

I was very interested! :)

I can't wait to see your curtains.

I would be very interested in receiving a main dish from you any day!

Did you catch Castle tonight? It was a good one.

typewriter heather said...

Mr. (Name of a not really small anymore Utah town) is just a funny contest that makes fun of Miss America-type things. So the boys do do talent, formal, etc., trying to be as silly as possible.

uniquelynat said...


at least you gave the sister a meal. i didn't.

way to accomplish lots yesterday.

Ginny said...

all very interesting points. and our tylenol and motrin was recalled too. now what do i do??

Nick and Serina said...

We still have 2 table cloths, in one of our windows. I'm working on my curtins for our masterbedroom, and then I;ll mmove to the room with th table cloths. I love home-made curtains! Becuase they are one of a kind and everyone askes where you got them from. Hope all is well with you guys!! Enjoy your house!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I'm sure no one is going to apostasize over your family's performance. Even IF the singing wasn't spectacular, (and I wouldn't know cuz there's no way I could have been there) I am sure that it was heartfelt and full of the Spirit.

Nathan said...

I'm glad the musical number went well.

And I love that you gave your sister a head of lettuce. It sounds like something that would happen to me.

Heidi said...

Are you kidding!? The final count was the Bishop who has apostisized! Wow. I don't know how you sleep at night:)
You are so good like...lending out your knives and all. She is so lucky to have you for a sister.
Wish I could stop by and see your curtains!
P.S. I looked up our Motrin online and it too was effected. Ordered my replacement bottle. What a mess!