Sunday, July 4, 2010


today is oldest daughter's birthday. she turned 8. i was worried she might not make it to this exciting day- she was holding her breath for it all week. but we made it. and it was a glorious day.

she had her baptism pictures taken by her talented cousin, heather. pictures in her new white dress. and then there were pictures taken of her and the husband together. and it made me a little emotional to look at that handsome man in his dark suit and tie, spinning his daughter in her white dress.

and she was surrounded by family who love her. plus, she got circus peanuts. candy of the gods, according to the husband. i don't care for circus peanuts, but i sure do care for that little 8 year old.

happy birthday, i love you!


Nikki said...

Aww! Congratulations! My hubby baptized our oldest in January and I was overcome with such joy. It's hard to believe I have an 8 year old. And it's amazing to know that he's making good choices. :)

And circus peanuts? blech. My kids beg for them when we pass the candy aisle. And I always say, "They look neat and yummy. But they're gross." I don't think the kids believe me because they keep asking. lol

mom and dad said...

I remember that wonderful day we all welcomed that sweet little girl into this sphere...what a joy to behold. She continues to give joy to us all. One Big Happy Birthday 1st daughter of 3rd daughter! Did you see the grand display of lights just for you?
LAAF grandparaents potter

Ruth P said...

Happy birthday, lil' niece! We love you!

Nick and Serina said...

Congrats!!!! I bet she was very beautiful in her dress! I remember when I got baptized, and felt very special. Hope she felt that too!