Friday, November 5, 2010

I Know a Guy...

I know this boy who has an orange neck tie from the 1970's- and he wears it sometimes in the 2010's, because someone gave it to him while he was on his mission.

I know this boy who makes his girl smile. Everyday.

I know this boy who is pretty handy with power tools.

I know this boy who would do anything for his girl. Even if it involved asking the lady behind them in line at Toy Story Mania at Disneyland if he could take a picture of her ring because his girl wants him to remember what to pick out for their next anniversary. And, also, because his girl promised a 5 minute make-out session if he did.

I know this guy who wears some black shoes that his girl calls his old man shoes, but secretly, she thinks they are pretty darn stylish.

I know this boy who is the friendliest person you will ever meet.

I know this boy who always has a happy surprise for his girl.

I know this boy who looks his girl in the eyes and tells her everything will be alright. And for some reason, she believes him. And it is.

I know this boy who sits really close to his girl at church. So close that you couldn't even get a Book of Mormon between them. And the girl loves it, because they didn't use to get to sit together at church.

I know this boy who reads to his boy and girls every night.

I know this boy whose girl thinks he is pretty darn hot. Plus, sexy.

I know this boy who eats whatever his girl prepares. Without complaint. Even when the garlic bread is a little over-broiled.

I know this boy who holds his girl's hand whenever he can.

I know this boy who can do computer stuff. And downloads stuff for his girl all the time.

I know this boy who snuggles with his girl on the hammock under the stars after the children are in bed. His girl likes that. A lot.

I know this boy who lets his girl cry on his shoulder.

I know this boy who helps his girl dream up and create the perfect craft room. Just for his girl.

I know this boy who knows anything about everything.

I know this boy who deserves way better than what his girl delivers.

I know this girl who really, really loves this boy!!


Ruth P said...

I loved this post! Could relate to all of it! I am so grateful for my hubby too. Last night I was "bad" and convinced Scott to stay home from Roundtable with me. A quiet night together (after the kids were in bed), snuggling & smooching on the couch. I looked up at him and said, "I am so gad you stayed home with me!" and he replied, "I would do anything for you; you know that." And I do know that and it makes me smile. What great men we are married too!

Heidi said...

I know a girl who should rename her blog to incorporate name of husband in diamond-studded letters:) glad you are so in love. i am too!

uniquelynat said...

so sweet!!! ....i got nothin else. (maybe cuz this post needs nothing else comments included)

Sandi and Curtis said...

I will now able to sit really close to my boy in church! Great post!

Nathan said...

I know that boy too!!!

(And that girl) :)