Wednesday, November 17, 2010


once upon a time, i was born. and since that day, every 365 days i have commemorated my birth by adding one to my year tally- and the total is adding up in a grand fashion. maybe you can relate.

just recently, i tallied up- again. because 365 days rolled around. and in keeping with tradition, i added one to my tally.

of all the traditions that are observed in my little family, i have one that just might be my favorite. the husband has made it a tradition to take the day off work whenever a birthday is to be celebrated in our home.

however, just days before my traditional tally addition, i was informed by the husband that he was required to be in a meeting on the day of my birthday commemoration. and he had tried everything he could do to get out of it. to no avail. to make matters worse, the meeting was to be held in another state and it would be necessary for him to travel, which would mean he would be absent the days preceding, including and following my birthday.

pout. (inwardly, so as not to appear unsupportive and self-centered)

and then the happy surprise: the husband had made arrangements for me to accompany him. three days. no children.

but it did mean that the husband would still be in meetings on my day. but, it also meant that we could get away, just the two of us and spend the evenings together- uninterrupted.

plus, it meant that on my birthday- the day of my grand tallying- i would have the day all. to. myself.

bliss. (inwardly, so as not to appear that i didn't want the children gathered around celebrating this most special of days with me)

we traveled. and arrived here

as the snow was gently falling. it was beautiful. and romantic.

we stayed in a charming suite with vaulted ceilings and a ridge-pole loft and fireplace.

early the next morning, the husband was off to his meeting after wishing me a happy birthday. i stayed in bed as long as i could- only til 8:00- which was a little disappointing because i would have thought i could sleep in a little longer. so, i got out of bed at 8:00 am.

i opened the curtains and was greeted by this breathtaking scene:

it was so lovely, i got dressed- and smiled to myself because i only had to dress myself and not 3 little people- and walked out into a winter wonderland. i tried to breathe in as much of the surroundings as my lungs could handle.

and then i enjoyed a breakfast by the fireplace, at my own little table. a breakfast i didn't have to prepare- with no one asking me to pour them some juice and no one needing their breakfast items cut or cooled. and it was quiet so i was able to gaze out the windows and lose myself in the winter scene, uninterrupted.

and then i hiked in the mountains. and had no cell phone reception, but every so often as i entered a clearing, my phone beeped at me to alert me of a voice mail waiting. one from my dad and one from my mom and one from my sister- all wishing me happiness on this day. and then other messages smattered throughout the day when i wandered into a patch of cell phone reception.

after my hike i made my way back to my room and got ready for the day- and i admit, i took some mirror pics to text to the husband- because without children, one can really have a good hair day and look amazing. then i attempted texting the best ones to him, although, i had no text reception whatsoever, so the texts never went through. no texts. all day.

i spent more time out of doors. and the day carried on. relaxed.

i believe it was the best birthday ever. i loved spending time alone. thinking. dreaming. hiking. resolving. contemplating. having no responsibility. just being.

it was a good day for tallying.

before we left sundance, the husband purchased a little memento for me. a little something more to tally up.

c + s = 1

i kinda like birthday math.

and that was my birthday. it was heaven. heaven.

and the day following was just as lovely- spent by myself as the husband attended meetings.

and when it came time for us to make our way home, i returned home to my children a better, more relaxed mother. because while i was away, i tallied my blessings.

three of which are my sweet children.

p.s. a million apologies to all our family and friends in utah for not letting you know we were in town. next time, i'll be less selfish. and probably stay at your house.


uniquelynat said...

so fun. i love the beautiful pictures. and it makes me wish i could go there. which i probably could, but not this moment. i'm glad you had a lovely birthday this year!!!

Jessica said...

sounds like the best birthday ever!

Michelle said...

Simply divine.

Claire said...

Glad your birthday was so nice. I like traveling with husband for just the same reasons.

HanksFam said...

that is a great post. I love it. Happy Birthday!

Sarah said...

Amazing! What a great birthday!

Nathan said...

It was the coolest to see you waltz into my office while you were here. You and the husband are welcome anytime, and I may even look the other way while you TP my office again.