Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super Hero

I heart weekends. A lot.

I have a nephew who will be leaving to serve a two year voluntary church mission in just 10 days. That is not a lot of days. But, he has been preparing for this mission for 19 years. 19 years=6935 days. That is a lot of days, but still not enough to prepare for a two year goodbye.

He is the oldest nephew on my side of the family. And he is awesome. He loves a lot of things- is passionate about a lot of things- I love his enthusiasm for his passions. He is a drummer. An awesome drummer. And he plays the piano. Awesomely. And he likes to hang with his old aunts and uncles. Which is awesome.

He has some new glasses that he believes make him look a little like Clark Kent. I must say that I agree. I think Clark Kent could be considered a Super Hero, which is perfect- especially in the case of this nephew. Definitely a Super Hero.

This weekend was especially meaningful because we celebrated one of the most favorite of favorite Christmas traditions. And this will be our last time to celebrate this tradition with our awesome nephew for two years. It was our annual desert bonfire party.

Oldest daughter and me as the evening was getting underway

So, we lit the desert bonfire and gathered around and shared dinner, stories, songs and tender feelings. Each member of the family who has already served a two year mission shared memorable stories of Christmases spent in the mission field, in honor of the nephew's upcoming departure.

And then the nephew shared his feelings about getting ready to leave on his amazing adventure. And of course, we cried. And marveled at the maturity of our cute nephew. He is going to be one awesome missionary.

the nephew, in Clark Kent glasses, sharing his feelings

And then, middle daughter requested that my oldest sister recount her very own personal experience of witnessing Santa Claus's boot as he exited our home via the chimney when I was just 4 years old. This story is legend. It never ceases to mystify my children.

And then we returned to the business of celebrating the nephew and the choices he has made in his life which have led him to this point. He has set a tremendous example for his cousins.

I am excited for my nephew. He has the gospel of Jesus Christ to share. For two whole years. 24/7. For many in Latvia, this means they are about to meet someone who just might become their Super Hero. Luckies.


Wonder Woman said...

love your traditions. my husband is a big Superman fan (hence the nickname) and we have several Superman Christmas ornaments. One, my favorite, it a suit coat and dress shirt slightly open, revealing the Superman uniform underneath. Makes me think of him as a missionary every time.

good luck to your nephew!

HanksFam said...

Great story. Good luck to Clark Kent. He is one handsome fellow.

trublubyu said...

live it [Quincy]

marcy said...

that is very sweet, little sister! I am glad you love my little Clark Kent! I don't know if he read this before he left...boy do I miss him.