Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Few Things I Have Learned

big assignments will come my way. not necessary to hold my breath throughout the process. i can breathe anytime i want.
children forgive.
everyday is a lesson. every. day.
chocolate heals.
prayers are answered.
spills can be wiped up.
cardboard cuts are real killers. they're like paper cuts on steroids.
freshly potted autumn flowers bring joy.
toilets don't flush by themselves.
chickens take a break during the summer.
sunsets cheer.
paint stays.
women encourage.
dust settles.
craft rooms are awesome.
things don't always turn out as planned.
traditions are the best.
there is enough faith and hope to share.
television invades.
music calms.
scorpions can be the size of lizards.
vans can hold large amounts of cardboard.
burger king gives free ice cream.
there are lessons in fog. and sourdough bread.
toenail fungus is treatable.
bubble baths soothe. bubble baths with glow sticks rock.
someone cares.
dinner is expected. every day.
homemade jokes are the best.
stainless appliances are pretty needy.
not everyone notices.
heat and humidity stink.
garages hold a lot of stuff.
life is good.


Claire said...

You have to share about toenail fungus. I really thought it was just something to be lived with.

uniquelynat said...

good lessons. i want to see your craft room. is it finished?

Rebecca said...

sounds like fun:) Can I help with your cardboard? You rock!

laurie said...

awesome insight. No eggs for us either. :(