Friday, January 27, 2012

who's that kid?

...the one you see wearing his sweat pants tucked into his brand new cowboy boots.
...the one who spilled his chocolate milk all over the table at mcdonald's after telling his mom how funny he and his best friend are.
...the one who gets all giddy putting together his new lego-men collection.
...the one who draws a picture of his house, including the swing set and chicken coop in the yard.
...the one who got 4 out of 5 green stars this week.
...the one whose teacher says is a most responsible and bright student.
...the one who thinks the cabinets his grandpa is building for the garage are soooo cool.
...the one who has great hair.
...the one who always remembers to open the door for his mom.
...the one who collects eggs as soon as he gets home from school.
...the one who rarely complains and is always quick to do what is asked.
...the one who injects a healthy dose of facial expression and theatrical accents in every story he tells.
...the one who reads and writes.
...the one who carefully studies his dad.
...the one who will snuggle on the couch.
...the one who rocks the soccer field.
...the one who loves to be around his family.
...the one who is newly-turned 6.
...the one who is teaching his parents about the important things in life.
...the one who is tucked in his warm bed with his pirate blanket, sleeping, with a gentle rise and fall of his breath.
...the one who has stolen the hearts of a certain group of 4.

who's that kid? that's my kid.


Ruth P said...

I want to be your kid! :) What a fun post. Children really are amazing.

Cynthia said...

Very sweet post. He sounds like a wonderful son.

Jake and Jenny said...

What a good boy! So sweet!

Sandi and Curtis said...

Happy Birthday to him! I love your post!