Sunday, August 19, 2012


i took a break.

a long one.

i didn't know if i wanted to blog anymore. i still don't know if i want to.

but i do know that i want to document. document life. life's important. i don't want it to pass by unrecorded. because there a lot of important lifes (yes, lifes) being lived under my roof.

and a lot of important living being lived outside of my roof.

lots of time has passed. a little girl got baptized. by her grandfather. because that's how she wanted it. and it was sacred. the husband steadied the grandfather. in the water. the two of them together, baptizing part of my world.

school ended.

summer happened.

i hiked the canyon. with some of my favorite people.

i traveled to beaches. with more of my favorite people.

i traveled to utah. with my most favorite people.

i traveled to new york. with my very most favorite person.

one of our people turned 10. a decade since i became a mom. that's a milestone. and it went un-noted.

school started and with it, the plan for a perfect life that began the second week of school. and it is brilliant. school is started. and i find myself alone all day, except for the occasional interruption from the husband who has a home office.

our smallest one started piano lessons. and our oldest one started violin. and now with all three playing piano,  i wonder if we should invest in two more pianos to accommodate practicing. but, not really. one is fine.

i feel like i am finally getting the hang of this mother thing. 10 years later. but, that's this week. maybe next week i'll have to figure it out all over again.

my love for the husband is greater than i ever thought possible. i watch him attend meetings, work a day that goes from sun-up to sun-down and beyond, engage the children, support my every request-- and i wonder how can one girl be so blessed?

all these things and not a mention. until now.

it must be documented.

there's a lot of living going on here. and it feels good to be documenting.


Sandi and Curtis said...

I totally agree with you and feel the same way! I got what seems like years (actually 8 months or so!) and then post stuff that happens. I too feel it is important to document some of what is going on. Keep posting, I love the way you write!

Wonder Woman said...

Ditto to your feelings. Haven't blogged in forever, but I want to remember things. Kids grow too fast. My memory fails too often.

Congrats on living a great life and loving it.

laurie said...

Good cuz I missed your life ♥

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