Saturday, August 3, 2013


Sometimes when I see or hear or read something I have an automatic intense emotional response.

Sometimes I feel my throat begin to swell, water pools in my eyes and my heart burns.

Sometimes I can control the tears, the lump in the throat, the warmth in my heart.

And sometimes I cannot.

Like, when I am preparing a lesson for the young women and I read something written in response to a question I asked all the young men in the ward to answer in preparation for this lesson.

Sometimes the things they say touch me.

What do you look for
in the young women
you date?

Sometimes I just have to let the lump in the throat grow
blink my eyes so the tears fall
take a breath and feel my heart warm to the words.

Sometimes the answers are the answer.

i want a girl 
that will keep me 
completely away 
from any immoral activity 
or temptation.