Friday, August 22, 2008

You are Under-Dressed

I am sitting here in the dark, laptop on my lap in little son's bedroom (per his request as he falls asleep) on the most comfortable chair in the house. The husband has been away on business for the better part of the week and I am missing him fiercely. This is what I will tell him when we talk next.

You will be glad to know that the children, the plants, the canine and I are still all alive.

Middle daughter and I had a beautiful afternoon crafting jewelry- one ring for each finger. She was delighted.

I visited with oldest daughter's principal this afternoon and hope to resolve the conflict by Monday. I will tell you more of this when we are together.

The canine's bowels are functioning wonderfully. And even better- all the functions have been outside!

We had a lovely visit this evening with older sister and her family. We feasted on crusty bread sandwiches, strawberries, and best of all- brownies and ice cream. Oldest daughter was playing with the plastic handcuffs and asked me to hold out my wrists because, "you are under-dressed", she said. We must teach her what the proper phrase is.

I think it is time for two things 1) teaching middle daughter a little tact and decorum and 2) locking the bathroom door. Middle daughter walked in our bathroom just as I was stepping into the shower. She stopped dead in her tracks, stared at me and said, "Mom I just want to tell you something. You are beautiful, but you are not beautiful when you be naked." I know you would hotly contest her on this one. Thank you for being my champion!

The haystacks at the dairy are on fire and filling the air with a foul aroma.

I missed my scripture reading today and hope you are not too far ahead of me. I will do my best to catch up.

I finally removed the squash plant from the flower planter. It is not producing squashes and is overtaking my lavender. I feel much better now.

Little son insisted on me laying down with him for his afternoon nap. I was glad for the invitation as I was feeling a little weary and in need of a recharge. I said to him, "Goodnight little son." To which he promptly responded, "I'm not little son, I'm Worm Boy." It seems he refuses to be called by his given name anymore. So, I teased a little and said, "Good night buddy boy." Again he responded with, "I'm not buddy boy, I'm Worm Boy. " I couldn't resist. I taunted for a few minutes and then we both drifted off into dreamland.

Enjoy your hot air ballooning and white water rafting. And be prepared to share your adventures with the children.

Come home soon. Sons and daughters need their dads and wives need their husbands.


Ruth P said...

I bet you had fun with "older sister." What would my "name" be? Older sister-in-law? Younger oldest new sister? I guess we need to get together so we can do something you can post about and find out! :) It is hard when husbands are away. And it can be hard with middle daughters just say what is in their little heads, like when my middle daughter said to me after just having a baby, "Do you have another baby in there?"

Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing your day. These little snapshots of regular living are my favorite parts of family history. They somehow make people feel more real. I guess because it's easy to relate to the normal, everyday things. Enjoy this time. THey gropw so fast!

uniquelynat said...

i think i'm missing home and a little TOO emotional right now. i got teary-eyed at this post. silly silly me! i can't wait to see you all very soon!!! i think addie has said something similar to me before...i feel your pain!

Sarah said...

I have a very strong sense memory of the burning hay. Thank you. :)

uniquelynat said...

k so- to answer your question- i'm not exactly sure how to cut their hair...but i am looking for stuff online. so i should be able to do an ok job if that works for you. but you have to make sure you are grooming her (as in brushing) pretty much every day. or she will have to be cut all short. you think she looks like a rat now...just wait till that happens. it won't be cute!!! i will email you any helpful info i find about grooming.

Chris said...

For those of you who don't know (which should be everyone), she looks great naked - or at least under-dressed :)

I missed you too, dear. I'm so glad to be home.