Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Mom

Many of you have asked about the canine. I will tell you this: I personally believe the only thing worse than having a dog is having a dead dog.

No, she is not dead. But, I have been worrying that she would die ever since we got her. (Being a pet owner is just about too much pressure.) You know that feeling? You may have felt it when you brought your first baby home from the hospital. I certainly did. I remember bringing oldest daughter home that first day. My mom and younger sister came over to see her. The minute they left I broke down in tears because reality hit. There were no nurses at my house to reassure me that her quick breathing was normal. Or that her little body flinches were nothing to be worried about. Or that she wouldn't stop breathing all of a sudden when she was sleeping. And they were leaving me all alone- with a brand new baby. Nobody told me that was going to happen.

Doesn't every new mom check on her baby 13,000 times while they are sleeping just to make sure they are still alive? Tell me all moms do, because I have to believe they do. I also know that all moms' greatest wish is that their infant will take long naps. Then, when the nap goes longer than their usual time, moms go into panic mode because, "my baby is sleeping longer than normal. Is that baby ok? Is she breathing? Wake up, wake up."

Okay, this was a huge diversion. Not the point of my post at all. What was I saying? Oh, yeah, what I was going to talk about was that the canine does not eat. It stresses me out. Not in a huge way, but in a small dog way. And in a way that if she died my kids would be pretty bummed. Then what? They have bonded with her in a huge way.

I'm pretty sure dogs aren't supposed to eat play dough. I keep trying to sweep it all up as soon as the kids are done playing with it, but I think tiny play dough balls are magic and they replicate upon sweeping. No, they replicate as soon as you put the broom and dust pan away.

The canine doesn't like her dog food. So I went and bought a new kind yesterday. She ate twice. A triumph since she didn't eat at all the day before. But, then I am wondering if she likes this food or was she just way hungry?

And so my goal for the day is to keep the canine alive.

P.S. I caught the husband running and playing and pretty much having a great time with the canine the other night. When he caught on that I had seen his shenanigans, he said, "If you tell anyone about this, I will deny it."


Shannon said...

She is so cute! Not cute enough to give in to my children's wishes, though! I don't have much experience with animals, but I do know that my neighbor's dog wouldn't eat if she was stressed. (She also ate grass if her tummy was upset, so maybe that's she wasn't a completely normal dog!) Could she still be adjusting to her new home and family?

hwalk said...

She is adorable!

Sarah said...

She's darling!!! I know that I checked on my kids a million times, but I don't think I checked on the dog. Maybe I'm heartless... I'd be concerned if she went two days without eating. Or if she wasn't drinking for more than a couple of hours.

Ruth P said...

She is a cutie! I am glad that my kids can have a dog vicariously through your dog. :)

uniquelynat said...

well- she looks about normal for a yorkie to me. but you can't always tell from a picture. i'm glad that you got her some food she is actually eating. hopefully you can stop stressing about her and she can start to just blend with your fam instead of standing out!! good luck!

Randibee said...

What a cute dog! I don't know anything about caring for pets, so I can't be much help--but I will root you on in your quest to keep her alive! BTW--does said doggie have a name?

E-Star said...

Cute! Is she a product of the Chournos farm? You should check the food they were giving her before she came to live with you. Dogs don't take kindly to switching them the runs and what not.. Good luck with your hairy child!