Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did you know?

Our household has increased by an additional pair of Hannah Montana footwear. For middle daughter.

Our family recently celebrated our 12th Birthday!

Sam's Club has moved Underwear to the front entrance, so it is extra traumatizing when we go there now.

Younger sister and her family are home from their summer in Virginia. And we are thrilled. We are lining up for haircuts!

Oldest daughter is LOVING her new class and teacher.

Middle daughter thinks she is curriculum director for her new preschool.

Little son now requires 3 songs before he will fall asleep at night.

The husband is the most awesomest PR guy around! I am so proud of that man.

My parents celebrated 41 years of marriage this past weekend.

I have 3 loads of laundry waiting to be folded. Good thing laundry is pretty patient.

Oldest sister is days away from baby #5!

The canine is thriving.

Only 99 shopping days till Christmas.

Oldest daughter gets to sell Girl Scout Cookies this year! She can't wait.

Middle daughter built the ultimate fort for the canine. What a giver.

Little son is a milk drinker. In a big way.

The husband is brilliant. Just brilliant.

The gospel of Jesus Christ brings me joy.


Chris said...

dear, just a reminder - i know we've talked about this a number of times, but you can't buy all available thin mints when oldest daughter's starts selling girl scout cookies. We have a $100 limit to support your habit. no more.

you forgot one: you are the best wife and mom EV-ER. will you marry me (even though we've been married for 12 years)?

wow. look at that. a blog proposal.

trublubyu said...

wow $100! thanks husband!

Shannon said...

I love little facts-except that one about 99 shopping days to Christmas. I'm not ready for that countdown just yet! Congrats on 12 years. You guys are great! (Enjoy your cookies!)


wonderful post!!! i love it!!!!!