Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that bring me great pride...

disclaimer: this really is a ridiculously random post, written way too late at night. but #3 is totally worth reading!

Things that bring me great pride #1

I have the most intelligent grass in the neighborhood. It totally tells us when it is ready to be cut. When it is ok with how it looks, all the blades stay nice and even- very flat across the surface. But when it is ready to be cut, some of the blades start raising their hands. And I am so proud, because some of our little blades have learned how to really shoot their little arms WAY UP THERE. Yes sir. Now, we don't usually mow at the first raised hand- this is the trick- sometimes we wait until the vote is unanimous and all the blades are raising their arms. Then we know it's time. They are so smart that way.

Things that bring me great pride #2

I can just about always tell you what tomorrow is going to be. So let's say today is sunny, 107 degrees, sunrise at 4:38 AM, pleasant breeze at 9:25, and the Today show lasted 3 hours, then tomorrow is Friday. But, if the moon clouds over, and this is the tricky part, and a gecko runs across your path at high noon and the orange blossoms are in bloom and emitting a pleasing fragrance, you can almost bet you're going to get a Wednesday. Conversely, if you attended church today, ate roast and potatoes and had a great nap- most likely Monday will follow. I know. It's a gift. Don't ask me how I do it. Most people in my family have this same gift. Ask them what tomorrow is and they can tell you. I am beginning to see the gift manifest itself in my children, too. You either have it, or you don't. I think my kids have it- oldest daughter for sure. I questioned if she did at first, but this last year, she has certainly shown the signs. So proud! I guess I was lucky to find a husband with the gift- that must be why our kids are blessed with it.

Things that bring me great pride #3

I have totally smart and entrepreneurial neighbor girls- three of them, probably around 9 or 10 years old. They come around every few weeks touting and peddling their latest wares. Sometimes they just leave fliers, but I love when they knock on my door. They have many product lines. Some being: friendship bracelets, pet service, babysitting, pet rocks and my personal favorite- money-filled Easter eggs. These are pure genius! The beauty part of the eggs is that you name your price- 25 cents or 5 cents- whatever you want to pay for a plastic Easter egg with money in it! Then, you purchase the egg and if it has a quarter in it, then JACKPOT! they give you an EXTRA DOLLAR!!! Brilliant! I will tell you this: we spent $1.00 on eggs and made $2.75! You can't beat it! And they are so in it for the thrill of the sale. When you pick that special egg with the quarter in it, those girls are smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down with pure excitement. Thanks, neighbor girls! You bring ginormous excitement to our day. What will you think of next?

I wonder if their mothers know what they are up to... And where do you think they got those quarters?


Kellie Buckner said...

I used to make Christmas pine cones, you know, put glue all over the big ones, sprinkle glitter all over it and tie a ribbon on top so you can hang it on your tree or doorknob? Yeah, I was a creative genius as a kid.

Mechelle said...

Awesome! I wonder if they realize that they are giving more away than they are getting in return. I used to make big ribbon bow hair clips and take them to school and sell them. It was fun but didn't last long. They seen to truly have an entrepenurial spirit!

Chris said...

Okay dear. Point taken. I'll mow the lawn this week. Or maybe we should pay the neighborhood girls?

Heidi said...

Love that they are still at it! There is joy in little things. Even if it is gambling a little bit:)

Me said...

I love the bit about the Grass! That is awesome! How does one get such intelligent grass?

And I sure could use someone in my life that could tell me what day it is...such a luxory!