Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Flattered, Really

This, dear friends, I forgot to tell you. I made a special pilgrimage to JoAnn a few days ago to pick up an extra special picture frame that the husband had custom made for our anniversary (which, by the way, is beautiful and I don't deserve it, nor do I deserve him, and which I will have to take a photo of and dedicate a special post to the frame). While I was there, perusing the piles (or you may call them aisles, we choose to call them piles because little son prefers that term) with little son, we decided to check on the fabric department to determine if there might just be some remaining magic blanket fleece. I just knew there would be since there were two ginormous bolts and one half-way ginormous bolt when I purchased the original wizard/dragon combo.

I was not prepared for what I encountered. No magic blanket fleece was to be had. I'll admit, I was a little bummed, for I was geared up to purchase all that remained and lovingly create snugly magic blankets for my entire darling family. (mostly because of the fact that it was on clearance at a ridiculously low price and low clearance prices tend to haunt me, and then of course, because of the fact that my magic blanket has been overtaken by my loving and beautifully warm (because of the blanket) family) (how about that parenthesis inside a parenthesis?)

I was close to tears. It was ALL GONE. ALL OF IT! How could this be?

I came to the conclusion that at times like this, we can't try to explain, we must just accept. Even though this is my conclusion, I must explain. I realize that the only explanation for the missing fleece is that because of my post, many people must have run out and snatched up all they could get their little meat hooks (my mom always said meat hooks) on. From the clearance pile. And what's more, I know all people don't live here where I live so I understand that they probably made special order arrangements in order that they might be a partaker of the magic blanket. Who knew the power of the blog?

Go my people! I am now ok, realizing you got your share of the magic. This is the best medicine for my vexed heart. It means a lot to me because, you know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Shannon said...

I did not purchase any magic fleece, but I do need to go to Jo Ann this week. I will check on it for you and let you know if I find any! Hope your disappointment fades. Looks like you started a fad!

Elizabeth said...

I did not get any share of the magic fleece, and now I think that I may be missing out- knowing that you and everyone out there has a little piece of it! Enjoy what magic you have-sounds like a very special blanket!!!


next time be more secretive :)

you never know.... you may have caused a global commotion in fabric stores across the world!! :)



i hope they get more in stock soon so you can make that blanket ♥

*MARY* said...

I had no idea Joann's sold magic fleece I thought it was only available at Diagon Alley.