Friday, September 5, 2008

I don't think she got the memo...

I admit to having a blanket fetish. Heaven help me. My kids always want to use my blanket- not theirs. They have a trazillion- or is it brazilian? tee hee . I have ONE blanket- only one. Can't an old lady enjoy her blankie without it being ripped away and used by a little tiny thing? I am beginning to think no.

This is my original personal blanket. It lasted only a few days before my kids discovered it and commandeered it.

No matter, thought I, I will just purchase a new personal blanket. Thus was born the green fuzzy fleece (from Kirkland's):

The green fuzzy Kirkland's special was soon discovered by one offspring and then another. It has been passed throughout the family and I was only able to enjoy its comfort and warmth a few short moments before I resigned myself to the fact that I should accept defeat and seek new pastures. Enter brown fuzzy fleece, also of Kirkland's:

Brown fuzzy was nice for a bit. But, alas, it was swept up by the undying love of a 2 1/2 year old. What to do? What to do? Right. Go shopping.

Accordingly, I was shopping at JoAnn yesterday. (If you don't mind, let me digress for a moment as I ask you: Why JoAnn and not JoAnn's? I hate saying the name of that store, because it kills me not to add the obligatory "apostrophe-s-" at the end of the name. Pretty much all stores called by a proper name add that apostrophe-s-. Like McDonald's, Mervyn's, Kohl's, Albertson's, Mimi's, um- Kirkland's, even Michael's, etc, etc. So, when I am talking about JoAnn, I sometimes go ahead and add the apostrophe-s- because I think most people expect that, yet when I do add it, I am left wondering if that person is thinking I don't know the correct name of the store. Yet, when I say the name in the proper way, I am left wondering if the person thinks I am not using the store name correctly. Did no one tell JoAnn this would be awkward? Quite the conundrum! ) Now we return to regular programming: I was checking out the clearance fabrics and came across this deliciously soft and fuzzy, although a bit juvenile and not too feminine, fleece. I mean, this is the soft, sink your body into, kind of fleece.

Ahhhhhhh, love it! ON CLEARANCE, might I remind you. I quickly purchased two wonderful yards! Bonus! Length is always important- this is something I was not getting out of my previous blankies. I came straight home and sewed up those edges and voila! instant heaven.

Never mind about the wizards and dragons. I have a long, soft blanket that I will be able to enjoy for the next two hours until it is whisked away by a little person and I am off to JoAnn to see what other treasures await. Meanwhile, you can go to sleep with a smile on your face, satisfied that I have had a little enjoyment out of this magic blanket. And, try not to laugh at this 30 something who has the wizard/dragon combo.
I know you want it.


Oh, one more thing. Guess what happened last night? I won the silver medal for three person amateur normal clothes wearing street volleyball in the Olympics! Yes I did. It was amazing. Even more amazing because I was playing with two people I didn't know and we didn't even know we won the silver medal until it was the medal ceremony and they announced it. Boy were we surprised! But I was a little puzzled as to why our medals were on a normal necklace chain and not the beautiful red ribbons that everyone else was presented with. Then, our bouquet was a pot of planted chrysanthemums (I know how to spell that word because I learned it from Anne of Green Gables) with a shrink-wrapped cellophane pot. It was lovely. And the announcer really played up the fact that I love the Olympics so much and so she was thrilled that I was able to take home the silver. Oh, I can't wait to see what I accomplish tonight...(all curled up in the magic blanket)

addendum: shortly after posting this- within minutes even- the husband called to inform me that I had forgotten one blanket- in fact, the one that started it all even before the striped one- a maroon beauty with black blanket stitching around the edges. Oh, yes, the memories. What would I do without the husband?

P.S. The husband originally laughed at the magic blanket. Then later yesterday evening, when the children were in bed, he wanted to snuggle up in it with me while we were watching a movie. Are you kidding me? No one makes fun of my magic blanket and then tries to use it later. I think I'll repent and let him snuggle in it with me tonight.


Chris said...

You forgot about the Maroon throw blanket we originally had for you when we bought each of the kids their own blankies.

I'm still feeling just a little rejected that you wouldn't share this magic blankie with me last night. Sadness. Can't i just share one small corner with you? I promise not to comandeer it...

For me, its all about snuggling, not the blankie. Honest.

Shannon said...

The weather here is cooling off at night and your post makes me want to go find something warm and fuzzy at JoAnn('s). (I always add the "'s", too.) Oh, I love fall!

Mother Goose said...

i was checking out other blogs listed under saucy moms! I love a good soft blanket too!

Sarah said...

Haha! You made me smile, once again. Aaron says that not much of anything is his - because I frequently commandeer his belongings. I like your newest blanket. It reminds me of Ben's Halloween costume from last year - also created from materials from JoAnn('s). Happy day!

soyandrue said...

Stranger stalking, here. Loved your post! I am such a regular at our Local Fabric Establishment (is there any other store besides JoAnn Fabrics in the world?), that I just call it Jo's, but it grates on my hubby's nerves, too, since there already is a Joe's down the street (as in GIJoe's, Sporting Goods Extraordinaire). We should just call it, "Fabric Land."

Plaksey said...

i understand about your grammar struggle calling it "joann". it might help if you call it "joann fabrics", all together. it feels a little more natural when you get to use the 's' on the end. it works for me!

good luck~

your #1 fan