Friday, October 3, 2008

Rise and Shout!!

Do you know where your BYU Football is?

click on the "Y" for a link to season schedule

The Cougars are in Logan taking on the Aggies of Utah State.

Go Cougs!!!
BYU Victory!
BYU 34 USU 14


Mark and Jess said...

pretty much it won't even be fun to watch because USU (my school) stinks so bad at football.. so, congrats if you lose to us! that would take talent..

Ruth P said...

goooOOOOOO cooouuRRGGGAAARRRSS! We will be watching the game at your Dad's if you wanna come!

trublubyu said...

ruth- i wish we could come over, but we have a bishopric dinner. we will just tivo it. anticlimatic, i know.

Shauna said...

Go BYU :)