Friday, September 26, 2008

Life's Tough in San Francisco

It had been a trying day. A mother in a sweltering Arizona city wearily entered her bedroom to find a note penned by her pre-teen son, lovingly placed on her pillow and another note on the pillow adjacent to hers that was "To: Dad".

Curious, the mother picked up the letter on her pillow and opened it. She found a beautiful, short love note from a young son. It lifted her spirits and brought a smile to her lovely face. The letter expressed a son's love for his mother, words extolling her virtues and appreciation for her being.

Buoyed by the sentiments, she called her husband in that he might read his letter and experience the same loving feelings. After sharing the words of her note with her husband, she encouraged him to read his letter. He tenderly openend it, read the words to himself, and stood rooted to his spot. The wife couldn't wait to hear what treasures her husband's letter contained. He passed her the letter. This is what she read:

Dear Dad,
Life's tough in San Francisco.
*the young son is my brother (now a grown man whose name is not bob, but for some reason he signed the letter "love, bob")- and on occasion, in order to console one another during a difficult experience, you may hear us recite to each other "Life's tough in San Francisco..."


Shannon said...

Someday I'd like to actually GO to San Francisco and find out! Cute story!

Mechelle said...

What was this from? It's great! You know I just recently got done reading my great grandparents personal histories, it is always nice to see who they were and what I've come from and the legacy they've left. This little piece sounds like it was taken from someones journal/personal history

trublubyu said...

this is just a story from growing up. my brother wrote the letters to my parents and i decided to blog about it. so, not from a journal- just from my memory and onto the pages of my blog.

cwalk64 said...

Loved your story. Reminds me of when Pres. Hinkley said that whenever the children would call they would want to speak to mother.

Kellie Buckner said...

That is so funny! You know, I make my husband read your blog with me most of the time because it is so hilarious. This is one of them I'm going to share with him because it sounds like something his family would have done.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

This is so funny! But also tender. Dads and sons have ways of communicating uniquely theirs. I see this between my husband and son. It can get hilarious around them now and again :-)

mom and dad said...

Yep! That's the way it happened!