Monday, October 20, 2008

In Case I Get Taken To Zurg's Fortress....

I have an idea of what you can do if you have a couple minutes today. You should google your username. I googled my username to see what would pop up. I won't go into what led me to do this, cause I can't really remember (but, really I do- I am just a little shy to go into it and middle daughter has taught me that when you say "I forgot" you can usually get off the hook). But, I found my username connected to a bunch of links on google. And it made me happy.
Because, well, me=vain.

But, I found out some things in the process: 1) I was able to finally find the blog of a nephew and niece. That was cool, because I lost them for a while and I was pretty vexed. 2) You gotta keep current on what's out there on google. 3) There is someone on Got Lamp Oil with my same username (Whaaa?). AND, the worst, 4) someone was mis-interpreting my username trublubyu to say trub lub yu. Yes, I learned this on google.

So, the lesson I learned from this, and listen up because it could save you in the future, is that I need to set this one straight. Because if I ever get kidnapped and you need to find me, you will need to know right away who I am. Because have you ever seen Toy Story 2? You know the part when Woody gets stolen by the fat man? And Buzz is having a hard time figuring out the license plate?

(LZTYBRN = Al's Toy Barn)

Well, that is what could happen if I don't provide a little incite. You and I will thank each other later for paying attention to this. So here's for prevention. K, read on...

  • I am NOT trub lub yu. That is someone else. Probably. (there has to be one of those out there. Right?)

Nor am I :

  • TR ubl ub yu
  • trubl u by u
  • t rublu by u
  • t ru blub yu
  • t rub luby u
  • trubl u b yu
  • and any number of variations that one might come up with

I am, in fact, trublubyu---- as in TRUE BLUE BYU. Do I even need to explain? I think you can figure it out because just like Oprah has the prettiest audience ever, I know my readers are the most intelligent ever.

Review: trublubyu = True Blue BYU

So, now you know who I really am, since my identity is a mystery- secret and all. Believe me, we will be thanking each other for this later.


Heidi said...

I just stumbled on your blog and found your post hilarious! Glad to know that if in the future you are zapped up by aliens we know how to track you down.

*MARY* said...

Thanks for clearing things up, I was so confused.

but not really

Me said...

You are well aware that I took this little idea and ran with it.

P.S. My utes are doing pretty good. 46-16 agains Colorado State. Not too bad, I think that ranks them 13.

cwalk64 said...

I tried your idea, and my user name is much to original, everything tied back to me. I was reminded I reviewed a book on amazon like 7 years ago, and I think my daughter reviewed one as well using my identity.(does that count as identtity theft?)

Shannon said...

Ok, my name came up with the guy who founded information theory, an airport in Ireland, several videos that are definitely NOT me, a yacht company named after me, and someone who was Miss November in 1981 ( I was so not in the running back then!). The real me is not anywhere on the first page, but oh what diversity! That was fun. Thanks for the suggestion!

Laurie said...

ahhh... good movie you used. i hope you're blue blood has stopped bleeding from the TCU game. redemption this week, let's hope!

Mechelle said...

cool! three out of the 10 links were me, and the others weren't too bad. all but one anyway. you're so clever (sp)