Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lessons Learned at the Gas Station

I stopped off to fill up the van this afternoon after fighting the unruly grocery store crowds and purchasing food items for the family- for some reason they want to eat. EVERY DAY!

As I backed up to the pump, there was a woman behind my car who was pumping gas and engaged in a conversation with the man sharing her pump. When I took a closer look, I saw that the man was pouring water from a plastic water jug onto his face. Of course I listened to their conversation.

The woman: When you are done with your water can I use it to wash the gas off my car?
The man: I just got splashed in the face with gasoline I don't know what happened- it is in my eyes- I am trying to get it flushed out. (with a couple expletives in the mix.)

The woman stands and waits and watches as the man continues to rinse out his burning eyes.

The man pauses briefly as he wipes his face with a bandanna.

The woman: May I use that water?
The man: I am trying to wash my eyes.

Again the woman waits as she watches the man pick up the jug and continue his attempt at saving his eyes.

The woman: Are you done? Can I use your water to rinse off my car?
The man: Go get some inside- they have a lot of water.

The woman turns around- and I am serious- stamps her foot, clinches her fists and punches them toward the ground and grunts. She jumps in her car and stormily drives off. To find water. To wash off the gasoline on her black Mazda. Zoom Zoom.

I was astonished.

Apparently, if you get a little gasoline on your car, you should beg water off the man who is about to go blind.


Randibee said...

How sad! This is why I try not to interact with people! Especially at the gas station...

heatherwalker said...

What a sad story. And yet, I think we all find ourselves being too selfish sometimes. Hopefully not that selfish.

*MARY* said...

Yikes! What a.... you know.

Kellie Buckner said...

wow! I wonder how he got the gas in his eyes. . . . Weird lady.

uniquelynat said...

that has got to be one of the most horrid pouters i have ever heard of. i bet she wanted to use his water because however the gas got in his eyes it probably got on her car the same way. i bet she thought since it was his fault he should share his water to get it off her car. truly sad that she was more worried about her shabby little car than the welfare of another human being!

Ginny said...

what a weird lady! I would never ask someone for their water that their washing their eyes out with to get gas off my car....then again, if gas splashes on my car I have never really cared.

Nathan said...

Seriously? It makes me wish I spent more time letting the air out of some of these joker's tires.

What if I refuse to give a piece of gum to some guy at the grocery store in favor of giving it to my own kid. Do you think he'd call the police?

cwalk64 said...

The selfishness of people will never cease to amaze me. Let's just hope we never see ourselves in them.