Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Beliefs

Oldest daughter was in terrible pain on Tuesday night. She was complaining of a sore neck. So sore that she refused to move it an inch. She walked around most of the evening with her head tilted to her left shoulder. I reviewed the events of the day to come up with a reason why her neck might be in such a state. And settled on nothing.

Yesterday when she awoke she was still experiencing the discomfort. She made a valiant attempt at dressing herself for school. The option to stay home was given. She was determined to go to school so that she wouldn't miss out on the free dress-down day (her school requires uniforms) for those with perfect attendance at the end of the month. Her biggest concern was how to find the nurse's office if she needed to come home during her school day. I assured her that her teacher would find a way to get her to the nurse. And so I e-mailed her teacher of the situation, explaining about the neck pain and the anxiety about finding the nurse's office.

In the end, the pain was too much and I determined that she should stay home. Another e-mail was sent- overriding the first. And oldest daughter spent the majority of her day on the couch with a sock filled with rice that was heated and re-heated in the microwave to provide a little relief to those sore muscles.

Finally at the end of the day, I phoned my chiropractor brother who was able to give a little advice. We got on the web-cam so he could demonstrate some specific massages and acupressure techniques that might relieve some pain.

Sometimes as a mother I feel helpless when attending to the infirmities and heartaches of my children. I am so grateful to have the help of an earthly brother and even a Heavenly Father to draw upon for ideas bigger than myself. I am grateful for the support of a husband who works hard so that I can be home with our children. We make a great team.

I am so blessed to be a mother. I love my children. I love our family. I love that they rely on me for so many of their little needs. I wish they could stay little forever. I worry about them going out into the world and all the ickiness that is out there.

And this is when it all makes sense. This little person. This little spirit. She needs parents- a mother and a father. A mother to teach her to be sensitive to others, to the things of the spirit, to nurture and love. A father to teach her to be logical, accepting of others, lead and guide. Male and female role models to teach by example. How would she learn these things otherwise? She first needed a father and a mother to bring her into this world.

This is how families are meant to be. This is how children are meant to be reared. It is natural. It is logical. Male and female come together to create life. Biology dictates this. Set aside religion or government. Biology dictates this. Anything other than man and woman does not create life for the future society. Any other union would cause humanity to cease to exist. This is not to say that those who choose alternative lifestyles are bad people. It is to say that those who choose alternative lifestyles are working against biology. I believe marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman.

I believe people- whatever choices they make- are inherently good. And all people are free to choose. I have chosen to be with a man. If not for the union with my husband, this little daughter- pains and all- would not exist. I would not be blessed so abundantly with three little ones that are direct offspring of the husband and me. They are an extension of us. They rely on us to lead and guide. And they are an eternal blessing.

These are my beliefs. Whatever your beliefs may be, I respect them. Even if we differ.


Rebecca Talley said...

I agree with you 100%. Thoughtful post, thank you.

Me said...

Well Said my Friend! Well Said!

On a lighter note..I hope you wee little one is feeling better soon! Did you ever figure out what caused the pain?

Randibee said...

Well said, Steph! How's Quincy doing?

uniquelynat said...

THAT is a great post! now my only question is- why can't they write the props in such a way!???! I would totally be able to follow politics then! Anyway- I couldn't agree more! that is wonderfully and simply stated!

uniquelynat said...

i may quote you on my blog. if that's ok?

Shauna said...

I hope she is feeling better soon and that you all have a very Happy Halloween :)

cwalk64 said...

Very well said. I couldn't agree more. I watched my brother die of aids surrounded by people of the "alternate" lifestyle and I just didn't see anything like the joy you have just explained.

Kellie Buckner said...

Thanks for the post. I completely agree.

Heidi said...

I swear I would still be 24 months pregnant if it weren't for the Priesthood. Hear hear!