Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Trivia

Just one question:

Since when did they start letting
out on Halloween?
I hope you are enjoying yours
(angels, not Halloween)
as much as I am enjoying mine!
Oh, and keep an eye out for a
I'm willing to trade all the smarties the children collect.
(Because usually you get a lot of smarties
when you are trick-or-treating.)
Do you think they will notice?

Happy Halloween!


Shauna said...

I LOVE the costumes! HAPPY HALLOWEEN :)

Mike & Beckie said...

Happy Halloween!!!
They are just so stink'n cute! I hope they have a wonderful time.

Kellie Buckner said...

I love the Vader costume! Next year I thought about R2D2 for Jeremy.

uniquelynat said...

they look so cute. we have decided to go over to mom & dad's tonight. we have nothing else. so we are going.
no i didn't send in the post for glitter gone bad...but i did finally leave a comment. that one sent me over the edge.
yes i have come to love gunter over the last few years. mostly because it makes ammon happy to dream of having a body like that...whatever makes him happy. and he would love to go to one of those body building know the ones where they are so fake baked they are orange and so oily the look like if they tripped and fell they would shoot across the room and where their muscles are so big they look like they will explode at any minute? of those. it would mean me going with him. not too excited about that, but i would do it for him because i know he would go to a scrapbook convention with me if i really really wanted him too. and because i love him.
k- sorry to put all of that here, but what are the chances you will come back to my blog to see if i answered your questions/comments with another comment.

happy haunting!!!

*MARY* said...

Ew,smarties and vanilla tootsie rolls are the worst.

trublubyu said...

smarties are the worst to get when trick-or-treating. one time when the husband and i were newlyweds and really poor all i could afford to give out at halloween was smarties cause they are cheap and you can get a ton. i was passing them out to the kids who came to our door- one kid said, "i hope it's not smarties." sorry kid.

Elizabeth said...

I love the smarties myself- they are the best Church candy in my opinion- way better than Cheerios!!!!

Mechelle said...

they look so cute! Happy Halloween!

BTW thanks for RSVP-ing, noone does anymore, I think people are afraid to commit.

cwalk64 said...

They are soo cute!! I wish we lived closer so they could come to my house. Can't wait till Christmas, I want them to come hang out at my toy store for awhile.

Carolyn said...

Your kids look so cute. I hope they have fun following the yellow brick road. May the force be with you!

Heidi said...

They really are angels! They look SOO cute! I don't think we got any jewelry on our beat. Sorry.
What did the husband dress up as? We passes out the 90 piece bag and it was just the right amount. Crazy night. How were the donuts:)

trublubyu said...

the husband dressed up as a byu fan. hat and un-tucked byu t-shirt. he thought it was brilliant. we missed the donuts. i am way bummed!