Thursday, October 23, 2008

Things That I Love Today...

  • Little son's excitement for Halloween and his need to remind me every 3 minutes that he is going to be Darth Vader, closely followed by, "What is so and so going to be?"
  • The tooth that oldest daughter has been protecting for a couple months finally fell out last night.
  • When I take a moment to sit down on the couch, middle daughter will plop down beside me and ask, "Have you been wanting to sit by me all day long?" and then I say, "Yes, all day long!" and then she says, "I know."
  • The husband bathed and loved the kids last night while I was away at a meeting and will do the same this evening while I attend another meeting.
  • I awoke to a beautifully cool morning.
  • The rain lily bulbs I ordered have arrived and some have been planted.
  • The trees we planted General Conference weekend are not dead and are lovely additions to our back yard.
  • The ghosts hanging in the front yard tree and spiders hanging in the house we have made for the past couple family home evenings thrill the children. They are sure to point to the three-eyed ghost (middle daughter's idea) when we drive into the driveway.
  • When I took oldest daughter's lunch to her when she forgot it in the car she replied, "Mom, you made my wish come true!"
  • Little son placed his hand on my cheek and said, "You are beautiful!" with no provocation.
  • Home made doughnuts my mom makes every Halloween.
  • The days the husband is able to work from home.
  • The forts the children constructed in the back yard.
  • Lindt chocolate truffles.
  • The magic blanket with the wizard/dragon combo.
  • Middle daughter's excitement with the "bumpy pumpkin" she picked out at the farm.
  • The husband keeps the children informed on Santa's daily routine via his twitter feed.

What are some of the things you love today?


Me said...

I'm still trying to find them. But thanks for the gentle reminder that I need to...I will make an effort to do that just that. I know they are around me, I just need to see them.

Ruth P said...

Things That I Love Today...

1. Finding a love note taped to my bathroom mirror since my hubby went out of town this morning.
2. Finding another love note tape inside the refrigerator from hubby.
3. Heidi making me a special birthday breakfast- parfait! (She opened a yogurt and sprinkled granola on top. Isn't she so cute!?)
4. Randi remembering me on my birthday.
5. Hearing the little girls play make-believe, happy and giggling.
6. Baby Brett smiling his huge two teeth smile when I come in the room.
7. A really long hot shower.

I could go on and on! Thanks for giving me a moment to pause and think about these happy things!

Shorty said...

I love the beautiful fall weather; I love that I'm my family's provider while my Hubby is finishing his degree; I love that I have an amazing 10 year old son; I love that my Hubby thinks I'm beautiful; I love my hot tea ritual in the mornings; I love my lovable pups; I love our Halloween decorations and that we boo'd three friends last night; I love that my son was excited about getting braces; I love that my mom will be coming to town this year for Christmas; I love that I have big projects planned over the next few months; I love that I have a great network of friends; I love blogging; I love my life!

Ok, did I make anyone vomit??? : ) Have a great day and thanks for the beautiful post!

Nathan said...

These are cute. Kids make the best stories. I find myself constantly bugging my coworkers with stories about my daughter. The only thing scarier is before she was born when I constantly bugged them with stories about my cat.

They're all grateful I had a kid.

Mechelle said...

I love my hubby and children. I love my family and friends. I love that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will keep us safe in these hard times.

Cwalk64 said...

I loved reading your post, it really brightened a pretty ordinary day.

Randibee said...

I love the new spirit that has come into our home. I also love the 4 older spirits that remind me every day of how precious life is. I love my mom and dad and brothers and sisters. I love my husband. I love music. I love dusk. I love fall. I love movies. I love rain. Etc, etc, etc...

heather said...

I love your gratitude!

uniquelynat said...

i love that as i sat here and read all of the other comments i started crying because they touched my heart. because i can relate to (and love) pretty much all of the same things....and more. thanks steph!

maybe that sounds like a generic answer, but it's true. besides- i'm tooooo emotional right now to start my own list. then i'd REALLY be crying!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

So wonderful to drop by today and find a grateful post. A sweet reminder of little things that make life big with meaning and joy. Thank you.

Heidi said...

beautiful, just beautiful! Can't wait to see the trees and worm boy!

They got the letter back and everything!!