Friday, November 14, 2008

Cautiously Optimistic

I am feeling extremely blissful
about what was accomplished yesterday.
Little son's potty training is- so far-
proving to be a ha-yuge success!!!

He had ZERO accidents yesterday.
Can you even believe it?
That meant ZERO icky yellow liquid messes to be cleaned up.
And ZERO pairs of pants to be changed.
And ZERO moments for a mother to mutter

What we had was MULTIPLE opportunities for praise.

And MULTIPLE Rolos to be unwrapped and devoured as a reward.

And MULTIPLE trips to the little family's room (I wish we had one just for the little boys and a separate one for the little girls, but we don't and so we all have to use the one downstairs. Shameful, I know.)

And MULTIPLE moments for a mother to view

the delicious little buns of her son.

AAANNNNDDD- he is actually telling ME when he needs to piddle. Uh, Yeah!

AAANNNNDDD- toward the end of the day, he went and did his business


And with a son who is so brilliant at potty training,

what mother could deny him the blue nail polish

he proudly displays on his little tooties?

I think we'll just let it wear off on its own.
P.S. Did you catch the yellow font I used yesterday?
I thought it appropriate for the events of the day.
Tee hee
P.S.S. Can anyone tell me why I am getting a double space in that
whole paragraph about the "multiple triumphs"?
That is just about the most annoying thing that has happened to me today.
oh, except for my run-in with the law- which I will have to tell you about later.


Merrianne said...

loved the yellow yesterday.... ha ha!!!

and congrats on the Potty Training! whew...

i hope it continues to go GOOD!!!!

Shorty said...

Love hearing about the saga...or not really a saga, but the wonderful events transpiring at your hacienda! I'm a little slow with details sometimes, so I didn't observe the link with the yellow font until you described it. Great idea! I'm glad your son is doing so well at meeting the major goal!

Stefany said...

your little son is rubbing off on my little-bigger-than-your-son son. he is encourage by the display of undies yesterday and is persuing his own potty training experience! thanks for the jump start!

cwalk64 said...

I have always believed that potty training is best done when they want to. But it doesn't always work that way. (the stories I could tell.) The one thing I hate more than potty training is teaching them to drive. The accidents are much worse!!

uniquelynat said...

hooray for the son! who knew it would go this well! maybe i needn't be so scared when mine is ready.... but i still am.

i'm thinking the double spaces is because of the different font sizes. just a thought. it seems logical to me. i get big spaces like that when i do different font sizes...which is not as often as you. so i'm surprised you haven't had this happen before. i have.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Okay---yellow-- I get it! Funny!!!!

Congratulations on the success. Your boy is muy adorable!!!!

The double space thing happens a lot to me, and I've learned to edit on the HTML page although I'm hardly an expert. It's right next to the "compose" tab. Maybe you have extra indent codes inserted. Just delete the extras. I hope that makes sense :-) E-mail me if you have might be the blind leading the blind, but we cna learn together :-)

Randibee said...

Congrats!!! Quite the accomplishment! I can't wait until all of mine are potty trained (including the 14 yr old).

wonder woman said...

I didn't catch the yellow....guess I'm a bit dense! But WOO HOO on the successes! I'd definately allow a little nail polish in light of the good news. How old is he? You're really making me think seriously about starting my little man.

trublubyu said...

wonder woman- he will be 3 at the end of january.

Me said...

We are quickly approaching the time for potty training at my house. I am NOT looking forward to it!

Me said...

P.S. Congrats!

Ginny said...

wow! AWESOME! It almost seems too good to be true! Yay for you!

Jessica said...

Yay! I hope Carter is that easy when it is his turn. And Carter loves blue nailpolish on his toes too!