Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Motto

Oldest daughter informed me that little son was awake yesterday morning when she came downstairs. It was 6:50. Bummer. I was hoping he would stay asleep a while longer. Still, he did not materialize until after I had returned from taxiing oldest daughter to school. No doubt he was involved in an all-out Jedi battle on the plains of his bed.

Once the Jedis were sufficiently victorious, I could hear the thump, thump, thumping of a diapered bum sliding slowly down the carpeted stairs.

He joined middle daughter and me in the family room where he boldly and decidedly proclaimed, "I want to wear panties!"

Stunned and attempting to correct the terminology, I countered, "You mean you want to wear underwear?"

To which he replied, "NO! Not Underwear! I want to wear my Lightning McQueen panties- in my top drawer."

sidenote: for those who have not been with this blog since August, you will need to refer to this post to gain a little understanding on the connotation of the term "underwear" in our household. And only then will you understand why a male child might prefer panties over underwear.

We have not crossed the potty training bridge with little son yet. And now we have one foot over the bridge threshold. Ironically, I was just telling the husband the other night that I would like to have little son potty trained by Christmas. I brought this one upon myself. Those who know me even marginally well will testify that I live by the motto:

I positively DO NOT LOVE POTTY TRAINING. If there was a potty training service out there, it would be hired. I admit, I'm just plain lazy. You have to commit to potty training. When you potty train you become a slave to your house- unable to venture too far. You become a slave to your washing machine. And you become a slave to your carpet- scrubbing out all the tinkles. I am not ready to commit.

But now, like it or not, we are committed. There is no turning back. We are on the bridge. Crossing it. Little son did an awesome job. He told me every time he needed to piddle (that's what we call it at our house). And we only had a few accidents yesterday.

Now we just have to work on the terminology

And now I know that I can be grateful for listening to the spirit and not purchasing the big box of bulk diapers when I was at Sam's Club on Monday.

But I think I am going to miss the thump, thump, thumping of a diapered bum on the stairs.


Chris said...

Dear - our little baby Wormboy is growing up!

I am officially a proud Dad. (Not that i wasn't before, but we are talking about potty in the toilet. How much prouder can a Dad be?)

Carolyn said...

Good Luck! I have to agree with you that potty training is my least favorite, but it does come with a big reward at the end!

Lynn said...

Hilarious ! I potty trained 5 kids ( 4 boys & 1 girl ) and they were really into their Star Wars underwear even back then ( my daughter used to make a point of the difference between panties & underwear ! ) was Jedi this, that and the other...and lightsaber battles daily !

Love your blog !


Mechelle said...

I am with you whole-heartedly. I am scared it won't happen before Christmas.

Stefany said...

We are fighting the potty training battle at our house.. and i am not winning! when they are ready, they are ready.

Sarah said...

Steph - Don't worry - you've never trained a boy before. I want to personally testify that it was 100% easier than a girl - because in the event of an emergency, you don't have to worry about where to get extra shoesand socks. He's a boy, and anatomically, he has better aim. Enjoy!

Nathan said...

Potty training is like the cold that accompanies winter in Utah. I'm dreading it. We'll go through our first round shortly, so I need to find a potty training service too.

I'll let you know if I find anything out there.

uniquelynat said...

well god luck. hope that you get this thing done by christmas. that would be a blessing for sure. i am scared to death of potty training my boy! lucky for me he's not quite there yet so i have little while longer to fret about it....

wonder woman said...

My youngest is about ready to potty train, too. I'm dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time.

Miss Pickle said...

Goooooood luuuuuck!!!!!!

i am SOOOOOOOOO glad potty training days are over in my house!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I have repressed memories of my kids' potty training days. That's how much I hated it. So you totally have a sympathetic friend in me during this stage of motherhood that you are in :-)

Heidi said...

I LOVE your panties little man! So awesome that he said it and he meant it! I was discussing long road trips with my neighbor yesterday about how to get girls to go on the side of the road in the middle of Montana and I told her a good friend of mine taught me proper roadside (or bush-side)technique. It's a piece of cake! Remember that day at the park!! Also, side note: I let Mr. H go in the parking garage this week and he was finished before I had the baby buckled in. Not my finest moment but it was cold and we had just walked 2 blocks to get to the car! No mess, no fuss, no body around. If it makes you feel any better tho he does still wear a pull up at night.

just order don't reeealy need to leave the house do ya?! You are awesome!