Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday My Dear

why spiderman? c'mon, who wouldn't want a spiderman cake?

i am once again sneaking around at three o'clock in the morning to post on this blog without my wife's permission.

(side note: as i was writing this, i had to find out where the term "o'clock" came from. i knew i must honor my wife who says i'm a know-it-all by finding out the origins of the term. apparently it means "of the clock" which i already knew, but i didn't know that the phrase means "according to the clock" or according to time as measured by the clock as opposed to time measured by the sun. anyway...)

many of you know that
today is my lovely and beautiful wife's birthday. she is now three years older than me for another month and seven days (my birthday). At that time she'll go back to the normal two years older than me for nearly another 11 months.

(another side note: many great men married women older than them. george washington, abraham lincoln, joseph smith. not that I compare myself to them, but it gives me comfort that there is hope for me. and yes, my birthday is dec. 16.)

yet another year has gone by since her
last birthday. growing up, her family apparently had the coolest traditions on birthdays that i, as the husband, have failed to replicate on her birthdays.

it's not that i don't try. i just fail miserably. i literally stress about her birthday for weeks in advance. i put a reminder in my outlook calendar, my phone, etc. so that i will be prepared each year. it reminds me each day for one month prior to her birthday that the day of reckoning is approaching. these reminders cause me stress, as does the thought of her birthday. the stress causes procrastination, and each day i say to myself, "tomorrow i will go and get her present." i search google for "gifts for wife," "gift for loved ones," etc. i ask colleagues what to do. i ask family. i take notes of everything when she speaks those words, "that would be nice to have." and yet, i still find myself running out the day or two before her birthday in a mad panic trying to buy the perfect gift.

i never seem to get the perfect gift.

on her birthday, i giv
e the gift i have chosen for her, and she acts pleased for a few minutes. then she is usually sad for the rest of the day as i have once again failed in my husbandly duties to make her day as special as her mom, dad, sisters and brothers did. frequently, the gift is returned to the store in the days following the birthday in favor of a more appropriate gift that is should have gotten. i'm fine with this. both of us feel that it is appropriate, and i would theoretically do the same on gifts she gives to me that i don't like. but she always gets me the right gift.

i wonder how this year will turn out. i let the kids pick their own presents for mom this year. i even got one based on her latest, "you should get this for me for my birthday" comment. i hope it will get a better reaction than the flashlight that i let the kids get for her for mothers day. but hey, they chose it, as they didn't want her to be scared in the dark or get lost at girls camp. at least it was a gift from the heart. right?

i know, i know, i can hear your terrified screams already. i'm just not a good gift-giver. i really try, but it is just not in my nature. i hope she understands this after 12 years of marriage. if not...ummm...SUPRISE!?!

my wife is so perfect and she deserves the perfect gift. she is amazing. she is the most caring woman. the most nurturing mother. the most thoughtful and gracious friend. she is beautiful. she is sexy. she is kind. she is funny. she is spiritual. she is sensitive. she knows what is wrong without having to ask. and she is perceptive. she is forgiving. she is a hard worker. a great teacher. she is a confidant. she is loyal. she is the ideal woman. she is fun. she is my best friend. she is my soul mate. she is passionate. she is my world. and she is one fine woman.

i don't deserve you dear and i know it. i pray that i may be worthy of you and your love some day.

may God bless you as my dear companion on our eternal walk together. may he complete, strengthen and give power to our marriage in a way that only he can do.

and may you have a happy birthday today.

(you should all be proud that i have learned not to tell how old she is in public. see, i'm learning!)


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!!

mom and dad said...

Great cake! You get to make desert for our next family gathering to show off your culinary skills. That was a great tribute to Steph and probably the greatest gift that you could ever give her. I want you to know that you are not alone in the procrastinators department. I am the greatest gift procrastinator of them all, but mom loves me just the same. (I never go wrong with a major appliance. Not very romantic but safe.) Anyway "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH" WITH OUR LOVE!!!!

Me said...

Happy Birthday!

P.S. Go easy on the hubby, he sounds like a real keeper! ;)

uniquelynat said...

i agree with mom (or dad)- this post was probably one of the best gifts she will get this birthday. How thoughtful of you to get up and do a surprise post.

and you are not alone- my husband is not the optimal gift giver either. more than one year he has gone out LATE (like after 9pm) on CHristmas eve to do the Christmas shopping for my presents. Not a whole lot of options at that late date or time. don't beat yourself up- we just have an outstanding mom that made sure our birthdays were SUPER special. I doubt if any of the in-laws will ever be able to compete with it. I don't say that to be mean...i just mean if you look at the facts it's true. So talk to all your brother's in law- they will support you in your quest for the perfect present. (especially ammon!)

Happy birthday steph!! hope you have the greatest day ever!!!!

Sage said...

A Spiderman cake, a flashlight and a beautiful note from your husband? What could be better than that?

Happy birthday!

Jae said...

happy birthday girll!!! Been thinking of you. Jealous of your Spidey cake! Have a great day!

hwalk said...

Happy Birthday!

(To Chris: Your brother always attempts to get the perfect present for my mom and he has succeeded about one time. The rest of the time, he is just unable to pick out the right thing. So maybe it's a family thing.)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! I wish for you a booger-free, no whining, calorie-free cake day of peace. Kudos to Chris on a great post. :)

*MARY* said...

Happy Birthday, your husband should give husbanding lessons.

Wizzard MoM said...

Happy Birthday. And side note to the HUSBAND -- a note like this that tells her how much you appreciate her and love her, is sure to be cherished. And I agree the husband should give husbandry -- if such a word even exists -- lessons. This was so SWEET!!!

Nick and Serina said...

Happy Birhtday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day! It'll be fun to see your cute littles at church of Thanksgiving. Have a great couple days with your husband and kids!

Mechelle said...

I'm glad you had a great day! And Kudos to Chris for a great tribute post! What wife wouldn't like that?

Mechelle said...

I'm glad you had a great day! And Kudos to Chris for a great tribute post! What wife wouldn't like that?

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

A day late...BUT still a heart felt Happy Birthday wish, or Happy Belated Birthday wish?

What a great husband. And a great cake :-)

cwalk64 said...

I am really!! late, But I sat all day on the 9th thinking "there is a birthday in the family, but I couldn't come up with anyone, sorry. So I kind of remembered but not really. Anyway you are the greatest, and I can see you had a wonderful birthday.

Kellie Buckner said...

That's so sweet! I hope your birthday was fun!

marcy said...

I love your sweet tibute to Steph oops! I mean sister!!You are both blessed to have one another and I am blessed to have you as sister and in-law.

Chris said...

Hope you had a great Birthday Steph! Super Rad awesome cake too.

E-Star said...

Totally belated but then what isn't in my life... Anyhow Happy Birthday! You are indeed all those wonderful things that your husband wrote down! Consider yourself extremely blessed, most women don't hear words like that from their husband until the eulogy... (-=