Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Mother's Lament

At the end of the day
when you're tired and worn.
The children in bed
and a fresh new morn
Dawns tomorrow.

Do you ever feel
like you failed the kids?
That you didn't do
what your mom always did
So lovingly?

The day in review
is a shame to relive.
And you'd rather have shown
the love you should give

But tomorrow dawns new
and is open to change.
Your children forget
and give love in exchange
So naturally.

A mother is better
by the moments she takes
To love her small children
and learn from mistakes

I just have this moment
it will never return.
And these small children
have so much to learn
From me.

Examining myself
I have resolved
That I will be more
of a mother involved
In their learning.

Give extra hugs
and tone down the voice.
Spend more time
and make a better choice

A privilege it is
to have children to love,
To be a mother on earth.
and their Father above
Adds His guidance.


Trying to Stay Calm! said...


wonder woman said...

I posted something along these lines a few days ago. I've been reading Jane Clayson Johnson's I am a Mother and it's given me a fresh perspective. Instead of losing my temper, I'm trying to be patient and remember that motherhood comes in moments, and to enjoy them.

This poem is so touching and simply beautiful. Today really is a new day, with new opportunites to be better. Thanks so much!

p.s. I'm officially adding you to my reader.

uniquelynat said...

thanks for the reminder. we had a moment just now. i needed this reminder!

Me said...

How did you know that I needed to hear that today? Thank You!