Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rise and Shout!!

Do you know where your BYU Football is?

click on the "Y" for a link to season schedule

The Cougars are in Salt Lake City taking on the Utes from the
University of Utah.
Go Cougs!!!
BYU Loses Miserably.
humble pie is on my menu tomorrow
BYU 24 U of U 48
Despite the loss, congratulations on a pretty good season.
Good luck with your BCS Game, Utes.


hwalk said...

I am currently wearing a University of Utah shirt.

But that's only because it is laundry day and I didn't have any t-shirts to wear and because I sort of go to school there, so they keep handing free shirts out to me.

So go BYU!

Me said...

GO UTES!! I'm off to put on my RED, paint my face RED, and go cheer for the RED!!!!

Kellie said...

Go BYU!!

Sandi said...

Is Chris going to be brave and wear a RED tie to church tomorrow? ha ha ha ha Yeah Utes!!

Pat said...

Well that was pretty sad, huh? But I suppose you need chances to learn the lesson "you can't win them all" sometimes in life.

If they go to the Vegas bowl, at least I will get to go to the fireside. So that will be good for me.

wonder woman said...

I needed to know the score before going to church today, so I came here.

Sorry for your loss. I saw something on the news saying that if the U won, the schools would get more money than if the Y won. Silver linings, eh? =D

Tink said...

I am sooo a True Blue fan and was completely disappointed in the Y's playing! They totally didn't show up in the second half of the game! Grrr. My dad coached BYU Basketball in the 70's and was assistant basketball coach at BYU-H for a couple years as a service missionary. Blue's in my blood! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! You've got a fun blog and I'm definitely coming back!

♥ MISS PICKLE ♥ said...


TheLegacyLady said...

So fun to catch up with you too! Your blog is a fabulous read! We live in UTE country - it is SERIOUS around here - people in my neighborhood fly flags and we don't even live in SLC! In my heart I was routing for BYU... so sad!